WJSN : THE BLACK - Single Album [My Attitude]

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Release date 2021-05-13
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The second unit of Cosmic Girls' Reversal... Seolah-Exy-Bona-Eunseo 'Cosmic Girls The Black' 

Chic and elegant temptation! Cosmic Girls The Black's Dark Disco 'Easy' 

Cosmic Girls introduces the second unit of reversal. ‘WJSN THE BLACK’, composed of members Seolah, Exy, Bona, and Eunseo from the team’s older sister, sings ‘fatal temptation’ in a dizzying and elegant way. In particular, the unconventional team color that overturns the image of the space girl, represented by the faint fantasy of love, makes them feel a more mature change. 

Cosmic Girls The Black's first single 'My attitude' is a series of reversals. As they say, the whispering melody and restrained sexiness combine to create a strange synergy, enough to temporarily erase the existing image of Cosmic Girls and deliver a fresh shock. 

The title song 'Easy' is a song that offers a gentle, slow, but powerful and fatal touch of seduction to the person in love. The seductive vocal operation, intense performance, and the relaxed feeling of digging into only the core while taking out the power to the utmost, added a seductive feeling. 

In another b-side song, it sings the feelings of love that have matured more actively. 'Kiss Your Lips' is a dance song of the Mumbahton genre that gives a mature atmosphere by expressing a dreamy and secret feeling with a melody, under a secret atmosphere, more daringly stimulating the imagination. The theme of fatal love that develops in a challenging way is intense. 

The music video reminiscent of a mystery movie of reversal is also impressive. In addition to the tension of the members looking for the clue to the incident, the intense color harmony and performance will overwhelm the audiovisual. 

As a result, Cosmic Girls attempts a new change as the second unit following the cute charm of 'Cosmic Girl Jjokkomi'. The Black, the cosmic girl who pursues fatal love, will present a new experience opposite to that of Jjokkomi. 

*Album Specifications

- PHOTO BOOK : 167mm * 167mm / 96p (images are different for each version)

- CD-R: 120mm * 120mm (images are different for each version)

- STICKER : 157mm * 157mm / Insert 1 type (images are different for each version)

- PHOTO CARD : 55mm * 85mm / Insert one random out of 12 types (same image for each version) 

- UNIT PHOTO CARD : 55mm * 85mm / Insert one random type out of 18 types (same image for each version)