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Release date 2020-06-10
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The cosmic girl who became Tinkerbell, the butterfly flapping its wings in search of a ' new me ' 'BUTTERFLY'

A reinterpretation of a fairy tale  Between Peter Pan Neverland leave , alone the rest of Tinkerbell , the story after

Produced by hitmaker ' War of the Stars ' .. Participated in all Exy songs .. Seol-ah's first self-composed song

The pure and mysterious girl group WJSN invites you to the fairy tale world ' Neverland ' . He left exposed to alluring appearance carnival and circus background 'La La Love' from Summer Song hit a cool summer 'Boogie Up', Nancy blown intense you crush the powerful energy ' yiruri ' up , a strong impression as a colorful variation It is their new story that they left behind . Also, ' Neverland ' is a story that represents the hearts of the current Cosmic Girls members . Adaptation of the pages of a fairy tale to deohaetgo storytelling of their own , have never lighter " adult fairy tale " tells the . The confused mind that the girl experiences in the process of becoming an adult , the rite of passage alone, is placed at the center of the story . Even the process of pain will be remembered beautifully, a new song that can only be heard at this moment .

Cosmic Girls' ' Neverland ' contains the affectionate heart of a girl who dreams of true freedom, even if it is not flashy . Neverland, where Peter Pan left , and the world of dreams and reality seen from the perspective of Tinkerbell , who was left alone , is a fairy tale-like story unfolding within . When a new story was developed on top of the familiar original , another world of Cosmic Girls that everyone can relate to was revealed . It is a visual fantasy that only cosmic girls can show because they are gorgeous, pure, and mysterious . A clear setting that encompasses music, styling , video , and performance is more subdivided and specific . The elements planted here and there are sufficiently interesting and fun, and the dramaticness is doubled . With a unique worldview and colorful concepts that combine all of these, she plans to show the side of a space girl who has grown a little more .


< Title song 'BUTTERFLY', me as I am , the most beautiful moment >


'Even if it's not flashy, you're free , even if you get hurt a little , you 'll fly higher '. Everyone is tossed between a fairytale ideal and an inconsistent reality . And in order not to become weak in that anxiety, he repeats uncertain choices and fights a fierce battle for freedom . Through this song, Cosmic Girls wanted to convey a promise not to give up hope, even if the fairy tale in the imagination does not match reality .

Title song " Butterfly (BUTTERFLY) ' is the heart of a girl dreaming of freedom one relative to the wings of a butterfly , as an adult to go to visit the girls painted the story yourself as they are in a shaky ego . The fairy tale imagination, which is the main theme of the album, is impressive, and it appeals to a different charm than before with the lightness that overwhelms the audiovisual and the story development that increases the immersion 

The album title song " Butterfly (BUTTERFLY) ' to start with ' Hola (HOLA) ',' paenteomaim (Pantomime) ',' desire (Where You Are) ',' Fireworks (Tra-la) ',' We Up to 'Our Garden' , there are 6 songs that keep the unique lyrical color of Cosmic Girls, but make you look forward to the next step . ' Butterfly ' is not is produced in , bit Weiss , Warner won and war of hit makers Stars created a number of hit songs with tapgeup artist of the * (GALACTIKA *) The I played , its predecessor ' yiruri ' composer created the KZ, Space Top- notch composition team 'Full8loom', who worked with a girl for a long timeJean compositions of various genres, including music listening has completed a large number believed involved .

Members Exy and Seol-ah's high participation in the album are also noteworthy . Eksi is jajakgok with making rap songs , fireworks (Tra-la) ' the , seolah is jajakgok " Our garden (Our Garden)' were recorded . Exy has shown off a variety of self-composed songs in the past , and Seol-ah , the team's main vocalist, has recorded her first self-composed song since her debut, raising expectations for Cosmic Girls' stronger capabilities .

The fantasy of a space girl full of interesting concepts and stories is still valid . This time , we tried to reinterpret the theme of the fairy tale to arouse interest, and to convey the diversity of appreciation to hear, see , and enjoy . The unprocessed innocence , yet neatly refined well-made music, colorful character composition , and overwhelming visual beauty combined to create another impressive moment 

*Album Specifications

- PHOTO BOOK: 1 type (design for each version) / 150 mm* 210 mm
- CD-R: 1 type (design for each version)  
- Personal photo card: 2 types out of 20 randomly inserted (design for each version) / 55 mm* 85 mm
- Unit photocard: randomly inserted 1 out of 15 types (same design for each version) / 55 mm* 85 mm