WJSN - Mini Album [As you Wish]

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Release date 2019-11-20
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cosmic girl's romance fantasy that turns imagination into reality

Cosmic Girls are pure and mysterious, giving them a more attractive fantasy. The moment you fall in love, it's more exciting because it's desperate, and it's a new song that's even more curious because it's an unknown feeling. It is enough to stimulate curiosity by embodying the image of love for innocence and mystery and beyond imagination through music, performance, and video. It is a romance fantasy of girls that come true as they wish.
The lyrical and mysterious image and the original charm of the space girl that stimulates emotions are still valid. The roles of the members who come together while protecting their respective domains are also excellent. Here, expectations were raised with the reversal of the b-side songs that foreshadowed a musical change.

The title song 'As You Wish' is a song that represents the honest feelings of a girl who is about to confess. In particular, along with the sensuous synth line and the increasingly high-pitched composition of the song, it is also a track that shows the strength of the vocals of the WJSN members who express their feelings honestly and sometimes calmly.

The image of a mysterious and delicate girl was further embodied through the video. Every element in the music video captured the girls' emotions in detail. Looking at the moon in the sky, I drew the starting point of a complex and subtle love, the wish communication station in the moon, and the setting of the members who appear on the day the supermoon rises are factors that make you fully enjoy the charm of the space girl who you see, hear, and enjoy. The wishing cat, fireworks, balloons, and cable car are colored in newtro colors and harmonized with the characters of the members given in the video.

The album as a whole flexibly intersects between Cosmic Girls' original color and unconventional transformation. The 7 tracks, which went back and forth between lyricism and trendy genres, created a much more sophisticated look while preserving the unique lyrical emotion that Cosmic Girls had heard. Starting with the album's representative title song 'As You Wish', it draws contact with various genres without a break. Based on the UK Garage genre, 'Luckitty-cat', which has a well-structured composition, delivers a different charm with the motif of a cat's boeun. The girl crush style presented is impressive.
In addition, the warm waltz song 'LIGHTS UP', which reminds me of a scene in a fairy tale, depicts the image of a pure space girl, 'WW', a mixture of disco and EDM, and an electronic dance song that member Dawon participated in composing. 'Full Moon' and 'Don't Touch', which Exy participated in writing and composing, make you feel sophisticated and sensual charm. All the songs are in the right balance, guiding a dramatic time.

Seven songs containing the fantasy of love stimulate emotions with a vague yet sophisticated atmosphere. Exy participated in writing and composing lyrics for this album, broadening the scope of her activities, and Dawon also presented her second self-composed song with composer Shin Kung following her previous work 'Space Station'. In addition, famous domestic hit makers such as KZ, Faces of Glory (Full8loom), Kiggen, Ho-Hyun Jeong (e.one), and Hyun-Jun Choi mixed various genres appropriately and did not miss the direction that connects the lyricism of Cosmic Girls with the trend.

They have built their own world through the fantasy setting of Cosmic Girls. While maintaining consistency, a carefully combined story is applied to each member's character, which symbolizes the color of the team representing Cosmic Girls. It radiates intense but impressive energy to the pure and mysterious image. Cosmic Girls foretells the next step in another completed story.

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