[WJSN] 6th Mini Album 'WJ STAY?'

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Release date 2019-01-09
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Cosmic Girls 'WJ STAY?'
Between a girl and a lady, the secret carnival 'La La Love'

Cosmic Girls' new mini-album 'WJ STAY?' is the last album 'WJ PLEASE?' (Space Please) is an overwhelming visual fantasy with new storytelling added. 
Gorgeous, pure and mysterious, a girl-like woman that is more seductive and conveys the strange feelings between them. 
'Is this love?' The overwhelming heart, the thoughts that change day by day, and the feelings of love that seem simple but are difficult to fully understand are contained in the title song 'La La Love'. It is a retro pop dance song with an emotional string sound that marks the beginning of the song and a dramatic song development. In collaboration with Full8loom, who was in charge of producing the previous work 'Please Take Care of Me', she continued the lyrical yet sophisticated musical color of Cosmic Girls. 
The love that Cosmic Girl faces is full of contradictions between innocence and temptation. Although it is a dance song, it is not very exciting, and the lyrics are not light at all. Against the backdrop of a carnival that is as colorful as a circus, as hot as a flame, and as beautiful as a carnival, the members are given a new expression with a strange image of a girl and a lady, and put a lot of effort into the production. A clear setting that encompasses music, styling, video, and performance is more subdivided and specific. The story that has continuity with the first part gives fans interest and fun, and the drama is doubled. 
In particular, items such as tents, white horses, argyle patterns, and cage lamps in the music video serve as the background of the festival, and the dreamy sky with moving clouds, the starry night, and even the delicate expressions of the members in front of the camera. become a background element. It is an album that leaves beautiful and splendid moments of love like photos of girls, such as the mystery of the trapeze and the temptation of soap bubbles. 
It contains 7 songs containing the fantasy of love, stimulating emotions with a vague yet sophisticated atmosphere. Members Exy and Dawon participated in writing and composing the lyrics, and the production team Full8loom, Hyunjun Choi, Seungsu Kim, Hohyeon Jeong (e.one), Keygen, Brothersoo, dress, etc. As reminiscent of a festival night, it is also characterized by securing musical diversity in various genres. 
Including the title song 'La La Love', which represents the complex and subtle feelings of love that are still difficult to understand, 'You Got', a new wave song that adds urban sensibility to a retro atmosphere, 'We at that time' reminiscent of first love in puberty, love 'Cantabile', which compares the heart to a musical term, and '12 O'clock', a pop dance song with the motif of the fairy tale 'Cinderella', are included. It is also full of warm feelings towards the fans. Member Dawon personally wrote and composed the medium R&B song 'Space Station', which compares the fan club 'friendship' to an earthling, and the pop ballad '100 Million Stars' with impressive strings is also a song with the theme that you can go anywhere with your fans. am. 
Cosmic Girls' fantasy, which was unique from birth, preserves their identity with interesting stories and concepts. Each member's characters are covered with a coherent yet detailed story, and this album symbolizes the strange image of a girl and a lady. The story of the cosmic girl's growth, seen, heard, and felt will evoke love for innocence and mystery, and more than a bizarre imagination.

*Album Specifications

- ALBUM: 151x190 mm (VER.Ⅰ/ VER.Ⅱ/ VER.Ⅲ) / 3 types
- CD-R: 1 type for each version (images are different for each version)
- PHOTOCARD: 55x85mm / Random 1 out of 10 for each version (images are different for each version)