WJSN - 5th Mini Album [WJ Please?]

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Release date 2018-09-20
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Cosmic Girls' 5th Mini Album [WJ Please?]
Energy of hope to draw dreams and growth 'Please take care of me'

Everyone has their own piece of dreams. Pieces of big and small dreams come together to make a big universe. Hope and energy that lead dreams to reality move the world forward. Cosmic Girls' 'WJ PLEASE?' You can feel that energy. Through the girls who collect, make, and deliver the pieces of dreams, they deliver the energy of dreams, growth, and even hope. 

Cosmic Girls' album 'WJ PLEASE?' Through this, the concept of the magic school shown in the last album 'Dream your dream' has been upgraded. If the last album was a kind of intro introducing the concept of the magic school and starting a new storytelling, this album expands the dream story shown in the last album to highlight the characters of the magic school girls and unfolds a dreamy and mysterious story. 

The title song 'Take Care of Me' represents the atmosphere of the album. 'Take Care of Me' is a synth-pop song with an impressive piano melody and dreamy vocal theme that catches the ears from the beginning. Faces of Glory and Jinri, JAKE K's composition team Full8loom worked together, and Exy participated in the rap making. The lyrics contain the story of how a girl treats and protects love based on the theme of 'giving love back as much as it is received, embracing and hugging the other person as they are'. The cosmic girl's concept and song, who create and deliver dreams, create a mysterious yet warm atmosphere.

The music video also effectively contained the unique storytelling of WJSN. 1st year at magic school and dream delivery unit Foreus (Yeonjeong, Yeoreum, Dayoung), 2nd year Agurtes unit (Subin, Exy, Eunseo) at the magic school that collects dreams, 3rd year at the magic school that makes dreams come true The space girl, divided into the divided units (Seolah, Luda, Bona, and Dawon), reveals her character as she spends her daily life at the magic school. In addition, the ending left a lingering impression of the storytelling that will unfold in the future and doubled the charm of the Cosmic Girl concept.

In the b-side song, famous producers such as Choi Hyun-jun, Jeong Ho-hyun (e.one), Avengers Seongseung, and VINCENZO, and lyricist Seo Ji-eum participated, boasting of working with Cosmic Girls. Lovely and cute dance pop song 'You, You, You', 'Aiya' with lyrical lyrics containing the unique sensibility of Cosmic Girls, 'Masquerade' to show Cosmic Girls' classic fantasy, swing rhythm-based A rich album was born with colorful charms such as the cheerful dance song 'Hurry Up'. In addition, WJSN's first fan song 'February's Spring', which leader Exy participated in writing and composing, added meaning.

Since her debut album, Cosmic Girls, who have drawn the story of a girl's growth using unique materials such as constellations and magic, show the pinnacle of storytelling starting with the concept of a magic school. A solid concept, unrivaled visual, and captivating music completed the perfect 3 beats, completing a luxury album. What adds perfection to the fantasy concept, which may be awkward, is the digestive power of the WJSN members. As Cosmic Girls excels in various fields such as music, acting, and entertainment, this album also shows an upgraded charm. Just as they learn and grow through school, Cosmic Girls will captivate music fans with their growth through the Magic School concept. 

*Album Specifications
- ALBUM: W 177mm * H 175mm (images are different for each version)
- PHOTOBOOK: W 175mm * H 175mm / 94p (images are different for each version)
- CD-R: 3 jong (image by different versions) [ φορευ ς   . Ver ( Faure mouse ) / αγυρτη ς   . Ver ( angler Le tteseu .) / Ενυπνιον ver ( enwip Canyon );
- PHOTO CARD: W 55mm * H 85mm / random insertion of 1 out of 10 types (images are different for each version)