Was It Love? OST

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JTBC Wed-Thu drama 'Did We Love?

We meet the OST of 'Did We Love?' performed by the best actors of 'Song Ji-hyo, Son Ho-jun, Song Jong-ho, Koo Ja-seong, Kim Min-jun, Kim Da-som'.

'Did We Love?' OST compilation album is composed of Lee Bada, Sondia, GFRIEND Yuju, 9 and the numbers, MAKTUB & Iraon, ONEWE, Suan, and Motte. It will be released in a total of 24 songs, along with 8 OST songs that participated in singing and 16 score tracks that were inserted into the drama to increase viewers' immersion.

'Did We Love?', which received attention along with warm music, not only makes us once again bring out the 'feelings of love' in the hearts of our modern people living in a busy and difficult world, but we also deserve such 'love'. He conveyed consolation that he had, and moved the viewers in the room.
I hope you can feel the emotion of 'love' that we forgot for a while while listening to all the songs that were inserted in the drama, and enjoy the time of immersing yourself in the drama once again.