True Beauty OST [2CD]

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[Various Artists - Goddess Advent OST]

tvN's Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Goddess Advent' will release an OST album containing new songs by actors Hwang In-yeop and Kang Chan-hee (SF9).

The final OST of 'Goddess Advent' includes all the songs that are inserted into the main scenes of the drama to further highlight the fresh atmosphere and lovely sensibility of 'Goddess Advent'.

It contains OSTs that have received explosive responses as much as dramas, including Cha Eun-woo, Ha Sung-woon, Car the Garden, GFRIEND Yuju, and ONF Hyojin. A total of 50 tracks are recorded, including the carefully selected scores that drama fans have been waiting for.

In particular, this combination includes two new songs by Hwang In-yeop and Kang Chan-hee. Following his passionate acting in the play, he also participated in the OST, showing his extraordinary affection for the work.

First of all, the OST 'It Begins From Today', in which Hwang In-yeop, who showed various charms through the role of Han Seo-joon, participated in singing, was released through a scene where he sang directly in the last episode of the play.

Hwang In-yeop not only recognized his acting skills through 'Goddess Advent', but also showed off his hidden singing skills, revealing his versatility.

'Starting From Today' is a song about hope and joy growing up through many things such as joy and sorrow. Hwang In-yup's chic and luxurious tone, who passionately participated in singing for the character Han Seo-joon, is an attractive song. 

Chan-hee Kang, who previously drew attention with the OST 'Nostalgia', will additionally release a new song 'How Do You Do' and present a 'surprise gift' to fans who regret the ending. 

'How Do You Do' is a song by popular idol Jeong Se-yeon (Kang Chan-hee), a close friend who had three musketeers with Lee Su-ho (Cha Eun-woo) and Han Seo-joon (Hwang In-yeop) in the past. In the play, Han Seo-joon sings this song alone in a karaoke room, adding affection to 'Twin Friendship', so there is more interest in the official release. 

In addition, this OST album contains a plentiful 2CD composition and a Polaroid photocard appendix containing the autographs of former singers who participated in the OST.

In addition, it is expected to be a special gift to all fans who love 'Goddess Advent' with a sensible OST album design that not only retains the afterglow and emotion of the drama, but also resembles the cosmetic fact, which is an essential survival item of Im Joo-kyung (Moon Ga-young).

tvN's 'Goddess Advent' is a romantic comedy in which Joo-kyung, who became a goddess through 'makeup' after having an appearance complex, and Suho, who has scars of a man's mother, meet and share each other's secrets to restore self-esteem. do.

**Album Specifications and Components**

o 2CD (10 songs, including 40 scores, total of 50 songs)

o Mirror box composition, lyrics book and photo book (56p)

o Included in the SET appendix of 9 polaroid cards signed by all singers