The World of the Married OST [2CD]

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JTBC Friday-Saturday drama "The World of the Married" Original Sound Track Released

'Everything around me was perfect.'

Breaking a relationship goes beyond sadness and creates anger and hatred. And hatred, transformed from love, created the most powerful force. In general, hate, unlike anger, increases in strength over time. He realizes that love and hate are no longer ambivalent emotions.

Based on the BBC's most talked-about work 'Doctor Foster', JTBC's 'The World of the Married', which depicts a story of a couple falling into a whirlpool of emotions as their relationship that they believed was love cut off due to betrayal, is based on Kim Hee-ae's overwhelming aura and director Mo Wan-il's unique It boasted an overflowing suction power thanks to the fatal and sensual description of the production and the perfect breathing of the music director of 'Ant', the master of the drama OST world, and announced the birth of a masterpiece to many viewers.
And, it was reborn as the most talked-about work in the first half of 2020, capturing all the topicality, viewership ratings, and workability, and achieved the beauty of the species.
In addition, by releasing a special OST album, it leaves a long and deep impression in the hearts of viewers.
From episode 1 to the last episode, which left an unforgettable impact, the OST and score track that made the drama even brighter are melted in every moment of 'The World of the Married', which ran out of breath with overwhelming tension with viewers.

Starting with Part.1 'Kim Yuna - Lonely Voyage', which conveys a lonely and desperate emotion that represents 'Sun-woo' (Kim Hee-ae), who is engulfed in anxiety and disillusionment in the face of a love that collapsed in an instant because of betrayal, Part.2 'Josh Daniel - Nothing On You', the strong and determined revenge of 'Sunwoo' for revenge Part.3 ‘Son Seung-yeon – Sad’, which seems to contain the will as it is, and ‘Ha Dong-gyun – Just Abandon Me’, which expresses the conflict that seems to bring out the deep cry of the protagonist who is beyond the spirit of revenge, the drive of two people standing in the center of the storm Part.5 'Huh Gak - Letting You Go With Tears', which represents the feelings of being hit, part. 6 'Baek Ji-young - The Days I Loved' and a total of 28 score tracks that maximize the atmosphere and immersion of the play are all included in the 'The World of the Married' Special OST.

The special OST for 'The World of the Married' was directed by the music director 'Ant', the master who produced numerous drama OSTs such as 'Descendants of the Sun', 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds', and 'When the Camellia Blooms'. He also showed high-quality music, proving his amazing skills and workmanship regardless of genre, along with praise from the public.

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