The Strongest Deliveryman OST

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[Strongest Deliveryman] loved for its sensuous story
- A luxury album is released by collecting all the released sound sources!
The drama 'The Strongest Deliveryman' received a lot of love for its honest life and love story of youth. Not only does it revive the afterglow of the drama, but it is also well received musically, and whenever it is released, an album with high collectible value is released that contains all the hottest sound sources.
This album contains a total of 18 songs including 13 vocals and 5 performance songs, and the moment you play it, the emotion of the drama 'The Strongest Deliveryman' is revived.
Jang Jae-in's 'Must Have', which is said to have upgraded the level of the drama OST with its pop sound and melody, Sohyang's "Home," which reads the mind of youth with a deep emotional voice rather than his special high-pitched voice, is a powerful music player In addition to 'I Need You', a collaboration between Kisum and April Chaewon with the same voices, 'Lalala' sung by actors Go Kyung-pyo and Chae Soo-bin who knows the heart of the main character better than anyone else, and 'The Way To You', Na Yoon-kwon and Barber Various sound sources that were loved by talented musicians such as Let's, Oksu Photo Studio, Ahn Su-ji, Merry Round, VANTA, and Ki-ryun sang about their youth with different voices and music are included.