SUNMI - 2nd Mini Album [WARNING]

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Release date  2018-09-05
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Completion of a three-part project following 'Gashina' and 'Protagonist', 'WARNING'
There's no beautiful me in your fantasies, siren

Sunmi, who has established herself as an unrivaled female solo artist who receives the most attention by interpreting music and stage in an alluring and sometimes unconventional way, releases her mini-album 'WARNING'. 

Sunmi's mini-album 'WARNING' is a prequel to the special edition 'GASHINA' and 'Gashina' released in August last year. This is the album that concludes and completes the trilogy project. This is an album that shows that 'WARNING', that is, 'warning', was the overall theme of the trilogy project. 

In addition, the mini-album 'WARNING' is meaningful as the first album in which Sunmi was named on the credits of all tracks. Sunmi, who debuted as a group 'Wonder Girls' at the age of 16 and has been working as a solo artist for 10 years, participating in music writing, composing and arranging, as well as writing lyrics, has consistently demonstrated her musical talent. ', as well as composing and arranging the main songs, she showed off her music. 

The title song of Sunmi's mini-album 'WARNING' is 'Siren', which was written by Sunmi and co-composed with composer Frants. This song was created three years ago by Sunmi and Frants together, and the story behind it, which was also mentioned as a candidate for the title song of the Wonder Girls album, which was being prepared at the time, was known and it drew attention even before the official release. 'Siren' in 2018 was selected as the title song of Sunmi's mini-album 'WARNING', and then the song concept was developed and reborn. 

Like the single 'Gashina', 'Siren' also has a double meaning in the title, which reminds us of a beautiful mermaid that seduces sailors in myths, and intuitively reminds us of a warning sound in case of an emergency. . These visual and auditory images are elegantly scattered throughout the title song 'Siren'. It can be said that it is a collection of sensual expressions like 'Sunmi', who has shown her own sensitive, delicate and dreamy unique sensibility in music, performance, and styling. 

Sunmi's mini-album 'WARNING' includes the title song 'Siren', 'ADDICT', 'Black Pearl', 'Secret Tape', etc. A total of 7 tracks were recorded, including 'Curve' in collaboration with and 'Gashina' and 'Protagonist' released as singles. In particular, the music in this album is excellent in each song itself, and Sunmi's sensibility with a unique voice is expressed in various ways. The whole mini-album expresses her charm in various ways, but it harmonizes with one another, making her naturally focus on Sunmi's vocals. 

The mini-album 'WARNING' and the title song 'Siren', which contain all of Sunmi's three-part project, are another starting point for Sunmi, a unique female solo artist who is becoming more mature from a female solo icon to a musician. 

Lyricist: Sunmi | Composers: Sunmi, FRANTS | Arranged by: FRANTS
'I'm in control' 
'Wherever you are, it is shining above you'
The first track 'ADDICT' is an intro that explains the overall atmosphere of the 'WARNING' album. The magnificent beat and metaphorical lyrics are impressive.

2. Siren
Lyricist: Sunmi | Composers: Sunmi, FRANTS | Arranged by: FRANTS
'There is no beautiful me in your fantasy'
Inspired by the mythical mermaid 'Siren', the tense siren sound and dreamy voice lead the song's atmosphere. In the second half, a sharp voice and an intense and heavy bass sound decorate the apex of the song.

3. Curve
Lyricist: Sunmi | Composers: Kriz, TOMOGO IDA | Arranged by: TOMOKO IDA
'It's just a different line'
It is a song that expresses the three most dangerous types of curves. It is a song with vocals of various textures added to the irregularly flowing piano melody.

4. Black Pearl
Lyricist: Sunmi | Composers: Sunmi, FRANTS | Arranged by: FRANTS
'What's so good'
Inspired by the process of pearl making, the expression was compared to the masked depression of modern people. The languid voice that spits out cynical lyrics and the colorful saxophone sound stimulates the emotions.

5. Go
Lyricists: TEDDY, Sunmi, Joe Rhee, 24 | Composers: TEDDY, 24, Joe Rhee | Arranged by: 24, Joe Rhee
This song has an oriental synth sound as its main theme, and a sophisticated melody line is added to the sensual bass line to complete Sunmi's understated sexiness.

6. Protagonist
Lyricists: TEDDY, Sunmi | Composer: TEDDY, 24 | Arranged by: 24
The main character is a song that proves Sunmi as a diva once again by adding a sophisticated yet addictive melody line to a magnificent beat with retro-style synths and bass, and Sunmi's colorful vocals that have never been shown before.

7. Secret tape
Lyricist: Sunmi | Composers: Sunmi, FRANTS | Arranged by: Sunmi, FRANTS
It is a song that gives the impression of being raw with a raw sound and decorates the Outro of the 'WARNING' album. The lyrical melody line on the rather empty track is impressive. Since it is a secret, I will omit further explanation of the song.

■ Album Specifications
- Album size: 185*255mm
- to: about 80P 
- Composition: booklet (outer cover) + 1 CD
- Lenticular Bookmark: Insert 1 type / 50*130mm 
- Photo Card: Randomly inserted one of two types / 55*85mm