Stray Kids - Special Album [Clé 2: Yellow Wood]

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Release date 2019-06-20
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"Comeback of the newcomer in the music industry" Stray Kids, special album 'Clé 2: Yellow Wood' released on June 19th!

- Comeback Stray Kids, spectacular & dynamic atmosphere 'From the building forest to yellow wood!'
- Possibility recognized in the US as the 'hometown of pop'! Local media spotlight "Stry Kids is paving the way"

The group Stray Kids will release a special album on the 19th and make a comeback.

Stray Kids, who opened a new chapter after releasing the mini album 'Clé 1: MIROH' and the title song 'MIROH' on March 25 of this year, continues their growth path with a comeback after 3 months.

Stray Kids made their official debut in March 2018 and wrote and composed their own songs for each active song from their debut title song. . In particular, recently, they successfully completed a showcase tour in the US and attracted the attention of influential local media, and were recognized for their infinite potential as a 'next-generation K-pop representative group'.

Stray Kids held a US solo showcase tour for a total of 4 times, from Newark on May 14th and 15th to LA on the 17th and Houston on the 19th, and sold out all of them. Among them, the Newark concert sold out quickly after ticket reservations were opened, so it was decided to proceed with one additional performance.
In response, US Billboard said, "We are paving our way with a showcase tour and the 'Clé' album series about Stray Kids. They are delivering dynamic energy and messages by directly working on music, and their US showcase tour clearly shows how fast they have grown.” 

As well as Billboard, iHeartRadio, Good Day New York, BUILD, Dazed, NME, Forbes, MTV, Tumblr, Refinery29 (Refinery29), Tmrw, Entertainment Tonight, Buzzfeed, Young Hollywood, and other major local media showed interest in Stray Kids.

Clé 2: Yellow Wood (General)

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