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release date 2022-03-07

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Seolganghwa: snowdrop' OST album release


The OST album of JTBC's Saturday and Sunday drama 'Solganghwa', which gathered topics for the hot love story of two young people swept away by harsh reality, will be released.


This OST album, consisting of two CDs, contains a total of 42 tracks completed under the general production of music director Kim Tae-seong. Seong Si-kyung's 'If You Stay by My Side', composer Je-hwi and singer-songwriter Kim Hee-won's collaborative work 'Friend', Je-hui's 'Looks like a real thing', Jamie Miller's 'Wishes ( Wishes)' and Kevin Oh's 'Memory Is More Than Love', which were officially released along with the drama airing are included. 

In addition, it is planned to continue the deep impression of the drama with various tracks, including the score sound source that faithfully leads the emotional lines and development of the characters in the play and increases the immersion of the play. Among them, the main score sound source 'Snowdrop' is a music with the message 'I go through the cold snow of winter and go to the isolated person', and it is in perfect contact with the intention of the drama. see.

The narration track of the main characters Jung Hae-in and Ji-soo, which can only be met through CD, is also expected to be the best gift for drama fans who are sad to let 'Seolganghwa' go away.

Along with this, it consists of a photo book that completes a drama just by watching it, a photo film that sensibly depicts moments that cannot be missed in the drama, and a Polaroid that reveals the characters' personalities to the fullest.

This OST album, which is filled with immersive OST every time, was released on March 7th and is expected to get a warm response from fans who loved 'Seoganghwa'.


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k-drama is my favorite & in that snow drop is my all time favorite. so so happy i that i got the OST of SNOWDROP its like dream coming true. thank you thank you thank you so much kpopstore for making it available so easy to all Indian's. keep up the good work