SECRET NUMBER - 3rd Single [Fire Saturday]

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Release date 2021-10-28
Dispatching Period 15-20days
The sales volume is applied 100% in the chart on Hanteo, Gaon, and Music Bank K.



Vine Entertainment's new girl group Secret Number will make a comeback with their third single [Fire Saturday] on October 27, 2021.

With the recruitment of new members Minji and Joo, Secret Number, which has transformed into a more youthful and energetic person, is back with flared trousers this time.

The title song of Secret Number's third single album, 'Fire Saturday' is an attractive song with a heavy synth base and beat with a retro sound.

The b-side song 'Dangerous In Love' is the first solo song written by member Jinhee, who was named as a lyricist for the previous album's title 'Got That Boom'.

Secret Number, which received attention as a next-generation girl group that will lead the future of K-pop with two single albums [Who Dis?] and [Got That Boom] last year, has grown even more through this album [Fire Saturday], which came back after a year. It will captivate the public with its appearance.

*Album Specifications (General Edition)

- Album : 2 types (TYPE A ver. / TYPE B ver.)

- Photo Book : 1 type (images are different for each version)

- Tazos: Insert 2 types (images are different for each version)

- Door Sign: Insert 2 types (images are different for each version)

- Photo Sticker: Insert a random one out of 8 (same image for each version)

- Photo Card: Insert 2 random out of 24 types (same image for each version)

- Limited first poster: 1 type (images are different for each version)