[Re-release] Loona - 2nd Mini Album [#] [Normal B]

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Release date 2020-02-06
Dispatching Period 15-20days
The sales volume is applied 100% in the chart on Hanteo, Gaon, and Music Bank K.

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Loona [#]

LOOΠΔ collides fate and fate to create a coincidence.

The twelfth member Olivia Hye and the first member Heejin met like fate and completed the world of Loona.

[#] does not have much meaning when used alone, but when used with words or characters, it has the meaning of creating a multi-use combination result, just as # exerts a special function or great ability when used together.

With this album, LOONA is not afraid to break out of the existing frame and challenge all the girls in the world beyond boundaries and prejudices. Tell the story that you can create.

"THE BACK OF THE MOON", which is not a moon that does not emit its own light and always shows the same side. In 'The reverse side of the moon' that no one knows about, LOOΠΔ acts as a fuse to light the hearts of LOOΠΔ around the world.

With this album, LOOΠΔ is expected to show a completely different, confident and challenging side from the previous LOOΠΔ.

The intro song '#' implies that the album has been completed in a new space beyond the point of [XX].

The title song 'So What' is an urban dance song with an impressive harmony of magnificent bass and signature horn staff, and it maximizes the 'girl crush' feeling that LOONA has not shown before. It added the depth of the worldview it has been carrying on with the message, 'Break out the frame set by the world and express yourself to your heart's content'.

'Number 1' is an R&B medium song that shows a different side of LOOΠΔ by adding an EP sound that adds a dreamy atmosphere to the 808 bass groove, rich harmony, and emotional voice. 'Oh (Yes I AM)' is a song with a refreshing sound and mysterious atmosphere.

'Ding Ding Ding' is a dance pop genre song with a groovy bass line on an impressive piano riff. In the lyrics, the timid yet active feeling of wanting the other person to come to you soon is expressed wittyly by comparing it to the sound of a bell ringing.

The lead single '365' is a lyrical R&B ballad song based on a piano, and as the title suggests, it contains the message that the world's Orbit, who has been waiting for LOONA for a long time, will always shine with the heart of the moon 365 days a year.

Also, the limited edition CD of LOOΠΔ [#] contains CD ONLY sound sources, which will add more fun.

LOOΠΔ found her destiny amidst chance and fate.

*Album Specifications
- Digipack: Normal B (Black) / Limited B (Black)
- CD: Normal B (black and white) / Limited B (color)
- Booklet: Normal B, Limited B to same image (image is different from version A)
- Random Card: Insert one of 11 personal photo cards (image different from version A)