Private Life OST [2CD]

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From Jaejoong Kim to Onion to Yuk Joong-wan Band, the talented lineup 'Private Life' Original Sound Track album is finally released!

The OST of the JTBC drama 'Private Life' has finally been released.

The music for 'Private Life' was directed by Kim Jun-seok, who worked on music for works that received explosive love from the public, such as 'Secret Forest', 'Itaewon Class', and 'My Mister'. This 'Private Life' OST album contains not only 5 OSTs that have been released and loved a lot, but also 46 scores (played songs) that appeared in the right place in the drama to increase the immersion of the play, divided into 2 CDs. will continue the legacy of

Starting with the Yuk Joong-wan band's 'Blue Mist', which has an unforgettable melody and Yuk Joong-wan's unique voice that you can't forget once you hear it, Joo-eun (Seo-hyun), who hides her original appearance in the play and lives as a multi-partner, represents the dream of ordinary. Onion's 'ordinary dream' was inserted, which doubled the emotion. Here, a strong lineup unique to 'Private Life', including Minju's 'Private Life', which was inserted into the opening title of the drama and captivated the audience from the start, and Miyu's 'Beautiful Dream', which told Joo Eun's longing for an ordinary life dreamed of in the play. It made the drama richer by completing it. In particular, Kim Jaejoong's 'Things We Must Love', the last OST of the OST, drew attention with the addition of Kim Jaejoong's dramatic vocals and the question about the truth that we must not forget and face in a world of deceit and deceit.

This album, which consists of a total of 51 colorful songs that make the drama stand out more on each store side, conveys the emotion of the drama as it is, and is expected to leave a deep impression once again on the viewers who loved 'private life'.