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빙의 Original Sound Track

The original soundtrack of the soul-tracking thriller ocn tree drama 'Possessed (played by Park Hee-kang, directed by Choi Do-hoon)' has been released, adding a reversal of unpredictable reversal and directing the actors' luxury acting and special immersion.

Bing's Original Sound Track is titled 'Sojeong (Lady's Code) - Searching Me', an ending song that has upgraded the visual beauty by bringing out the various emotions of the play, and a heartwarming song 'Barbarets - What a meaning.. (What a...') meaning)', a dreamy feeling of possessive custom OST 'Lee Bada - Hold me', emotional ballad 'Han Hee-jun - Like that day', soft and sophisticated medium-tempo song 'Nago-eun - Fly', deep and profound ballad 'Han Seung-hee - I'll Be There', 'Kyuseong Yeon - Don't Forget', 'Seven O'clock - I Find You', 'Pearl - Moon Rainbow' with a beautiful melody, and 'Drako - Dream', a song about the hearts of the two main characters who want to be together even in their dreams. It is a high-quality album with a total of 30 songs, including the Song Track and 20 high-quality Score Tracks that remind you of 'Possession'. It is an OST song that melts the soul-tracking thriller drama 'Possession', which is a soul-tracking thriller with a variety of characters who face incidents and accidents, continuous death, and strange fate, and will present a great lingering impression to fans who loved the drama. 

'Ha Geun-young', in charge of the music director, is a talented music director who has overseen the music of works such as 'SBS You Are Surrounded', 'OCN Children of Little God', and 'SBS Second Last Love'. Together with her, they created a well-made OST and raised the quality of the drama.

*Album Specifications

- 141*124*9mm

- Booklet (Photobook): 16 pages