Penthouse OST [2CD]

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SBS drama 'Penthouse', the culmination of three seasons.

Released the OST album for 'Penthouse', which consists of luxury songs worthy of its reputation!

Pre-sale starts on September 6th!! 

- From the OST composed of luxury artists to the BGM that adds immersion to the play! 

- A limited edition of the official BGM included only in the 'Penthouse OST' album that you can't hear anywhere! 

- A 68-page booklet with drama images, an official poster for 'Penthouse', lenticular photo cards of the main actors, a DIY pop-up book with 'Penthouse' village, and a 'Penthouse' version of 'Cody Sticker Set', available anywhere. Unable to collect all set!

The official OST album of the drama 'Penthouse', which took the place of the drama throne from season 1 to season 3 from season 1 to season 3 from 2020 to 2021, repeating the reversal of the breathtaking shock. 

It is released to appease fans who are sad about the end of the drama. 

You can listen to everything from the BGM that made you more immersed in the drama by appearing in the gem of the drama, to the official OST featuring famous singers, all in one place. 

Penthouse 2&3 OST includes 'Repeat' and 'This Is Me' sung by singer 'Lim Chang-jung', who is not worth the modifier of 'luxury ballad'. You can't miss any song, from 'Good Bye' by 'Junsu Kim', who is also known as a lover, to 'Let me be', the finale soundtrack that wrapped up the entire season of 'Penthouse' in which OST queen 'Baek Ji-young' participated. In addition to this, it includes songs that can only be heard through this album and is released for the first time, adding to the specialness. 

In addition, a booklet of 68 pages of famous scenes from the drama and an official poster for 'Penthouse' are included. One random lenticular photocard of the main actors of the Penthouse and one random photocard of the actors who appeared as Penthouse Kids. species are also included. And above all else, the collection value has been increased with various components such as the 'Penthouse Village' DIY pop-up book, which consists of the main buildings in the play, such as 'Hera Palace', 'Cheongah Arts High School', and 'Maritang', and the 'Penthouse' version 'Coordinating Sticker Set'. . 

The 'Penthouse OST', which will be the best gift for fans who miss 'Penthouse', will be available at online and offline stores nationwide from September 24. 

[Album Specifications]

1. 68p booklet with OST lyrics and drama scenes

2. Penthouse Village DIY Pop-up Book

3. Cody Sticker Set 

4. Randomly recorded among 9 types of lenticular photocards for major performers

5. Randomly included among 6 types of Penthouse Kids Photo Cards

6. Official mini-poster (included in the album)