OMEGA X - 1st Single [WHAT'S GOIN' ON]

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Release date  2021-09-06
Dispatching Period 15-20days
The sales volume is applied 100% in the chart on Hanteo, Gaon, and Music Bank K.

The advent of the OMEGA X era,

1st Single Album [WHAT’S GOIN’ ON]

The journey towards the top of OMEGA X, which has been attracting attention for its unconventional moves even before their debut.

This single [WHAT'S GOIN' ON] is an ambitious aspiration that OMEGA X is throwing towards the global K-POP market, and it signals the beginning of the era of OMEGA X. 

OMEGA X, which spreads its wings with their own story, the team's explosive energy, and unique colors, will run forward with their endless SPRINT instinct and fly to the top.

“We will make it happen. And I will prove it to the world.” 


1. Packing bag specification_ Transparent bag, front sticker tag attached 

2. Book (E ver. / F ver. / S ver.) Specification_140*185 mm

3.Super Jewel Case (E ver. / F ver. / S ver.) 

4.CD (E ver. / F ver. / S ver.) 

5.Photocard (E ver. / F ver. / S ver.) - Random 1 out of 11 per album _55*85 mm

6. Sticker (E ver. / F ver. / S ver.) Random one out of two per album _120*170 mm

7. 5 individual stickers (common to 3 ver.)

8.Group poster (E ver. / F ver. / S ver.) 1 piece per album _420*594 mm - Separately

9.Personal mini-poster (3 ver. common) One random out of 11 individual _140*185 mm_Packaged in album