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Release date  2018-06-26

Dispatching Period 15-20days
The sales volume is applied 100% in the chart on Hanteo, Gaon, and Music Bank K.

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In October of last year, the album that became their successful starting point After its release, it not only ranked first on various music and album charts, but also took first place on music shows, and now NU'EST W, who has emerged as a trending icon in name and reality, comes to fans with a new album after about 8 months.

 NU'EST W's last album If they focused on their own story through ', this new album contains the stories of four people who exist in two worlds, going back and forth between the existing narrative and the current NU'EST W story. Thanks to this, it is possible to express more in-depth expressions as well as colorful expressions, and the close relationship between the lyrics and the subject of the song stands out, so this album will give you an experience that goes beyond simply listening.

 new album under the theme of familiarity felt in the first experience and nostalgia in memory, including the title song 'Dejavu', 'Signal', 'Polaris', 'ylenoL', 'Gravity&Moon', 'Shadow' ' and a total of 6 songs.

 In particular, the title song 'Dejavu' is a Latin pop genre song that NU'EST W first introduced, adding to NU'EST W's unique mystery and freshness suitable for summer. Along with the composition that goes beyond the typical, the unique atmosphere melodies of the members' vocals will continue to resonate in the listener's ears.

 In addition, 'Signal', an EDM genre with pop elements, 'Polaris', where you can feel Nu'est W's unique sensibility by adding a string melody to the heartfelt lyrics, 'ylenoL' with paradoxical emotions, lyrics with unique metaphors From 'Gravity&Moon' featuring the 'Gravity&Moon' to 'Shadow' with a synth bass based on the house genre, you can enjoy their diverse music colors and check out a wider spectrum.

 In addition, members JR and Baekho directly participated in writing the lyrics for all the songs, and Baekho participated in the overall composition of the album, including the title song 'Dejavu'. improved perfection.

 NU'EST W, which drew the attention of listeners through different attempts every time, announced the birth of another 'well-made album' with strong messages and music. This will be interesting to fans who have been watching NU'EST W for a long time, and to the public, it is trying to present a more complete and new look from the starting point of their journey as NU'EST W.

■ Album Specifications
2 types (WHO Ver. / YOU Ver.)

-Wooden photo book (cover 4p + to 92p)
-CD (1 random out of 4 for each version, total of 8)
-Photocard (1 random type out of 4 for each version, total 8 types) 
-Selfie photo card (1 random out of 4 per version, total of 8) 
-Initial limited poster (8 types, 1 random gift, total 8 types) sold out