MAMAMOO - 10th Mini Album [TRAVEL]

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Release date 2020-11-04
Dispatching Period 15-20days
The sales volume is applied 100% in the chart on Hanteo, Gaon, and Music Bank K.

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A magical travel ticket from
Mamamoo 10th mini album [TRAVEL] released!

In October, Mamamoo released the special pre-release song 'Dingga' of their tenth mini album [TRAVEL], which fired a successful comeback signal, raising expectations for the comeback as a whole. While Mamamoo, who is loved by many people for comforting and receiving love from ‘It’s Best to Play’, comes back with a completely opposite and intense charm that has never been seen before.

[TRAVEL] sings a message of excitement and consolation, as if going on a trip somewhere, even through music, in a situation like these days where it is difficult to enjoy leisure with peace of mind. In addition, as when traveling requires courage to be alone, it compares various aspects of life where a little bit of fear coexists, and presents a high-quality album that encompasses the various charms of Mamamoo. From witty and refreshing songs suitable for a drive, to songs that catch the eye with a wild performance in an exotic atmosphere, each album's unique concept makes Mamamoo stand at the center of the topic once again.

The title song 'AYA' is a song with a more groovy and exotic sound as the Arabian flute sound leads the overall atmosphere and reggae rhythm is added. In particular, by melting various variations in one song, the dramatic and splendid performance was even more brilliant. Not only that, but changed love is like a 'rotten tooth', so the original and strong lyrics that 'rotten teeth' must be pulled out draw sympathy.

In addition to the title song 'AYA', it is a special pre-release song starting with 'Travel', which makes you feel as if you are running on an endless road under the blue sky, breaking your worries from everyday life, and is a special pre-release song with lyrics and exciting melodies that anyone can relate to in this situation. 'Dingga' that makes people shake up, 'Chuck' that says goodbye is a short one rather than a lengthy explanation, 'Diamond' that reminds us that there is a sparkling diamond inside everyone With a variety of genres and themes, from 'Good Night', which conveys the desire to have a good night, in everyday greetings, we present a travel ticket that many people desperately need now.

Track 1. Travel
Life is like a trip where excitement and fear coexist.
This trip made me more free and gave me new realization. The refreshing sound of the blue sky and the fairy tale-like story that draws on small and insignificant hopes make you feel as if you are running on a cool road, breaking away from your worries and daily life.

Track 2. Dingga
Everyday life is boring and lonely due to the distance between people getting farther and farther away.
Beyond the cold screen, he expressed his desire to play with his friends by 'ding-ga-dinga'. The emotions that anyone can feel in this situation are expressed through witty lyrics to create sympathy, and the simple yet strongly addictive melody line and funky sound meet Mamamoo's unique liveliness out of the cold screen.


Track 3. AYA
This flowing tears is for 'me', not because of the regrets you have left. The
Arabian flute sound leads the overall mood of the song, and the reggae rhythm is added to it, making it even more groovy and exotic. The dynamic variations and dramatic atmosphere enough to feel the music at once give listeners a fresh shock. Changed love is like a 'rotten tooth', and the original and strong lyrics that such a 'rotten tooth' must be pulled out draw a refreshing sympathy.

Track 4. Chuck
Don't 'pretend' to be affectionate, will you 'chuck' and leave?
The heavy bass sound and addictive synthesizer that captures the overall mood of the song captivate the ears, giving it a dreamy yet powerful feeling. It is a song that makes you realize that a short word with numerous meanings can reach you more deeply than the lengthy explanation uttered for parting sometimes.

Track 5. Diamond
Isn't there a sparkling diamond inside of everyone who is born?
'Diamond' is a song that reminds you of the existence of a diamond in you and that you can go anywhere and do anything if you hold it in your hand.

Track 6. Good night On
this night when the cold wind knocks on the window, it
is an attractive song with a gentle piano melody and Mamamoo's delicate and sweet voice for the sleepless 'you'. Sending a warm, affectionate heart wishing you to have a beautiful dream without saying goodbye with a small greeting, 'Good night'.

[Album Credit]
Executive Producer RBW Inc. (Do-Hoon Kim, Jin-Woo Kim)
Supervisors In-Yong Lim, Su- Jin Shin
HR department Jun-Ho Song, Hyo-Sun Kim

Music Produced and Director Kim Do-hoon
Project Director Lee Soo-bin
Planning & Marketing Koo Bon-young, Hwang Ji-hye
, Ahn Se-on, Lee So-hyun, Lee Hyun-young , Jeong You- kyung, Hwang Jung-mi Artist Management Lee Heon-min, Ahn Seong-hee, Jeon Su-jin, Ryu Seung-woo, Choi Jae-won, Lee Woo-hyun, Lee Yun-seok
Local & Overseas Marketing Kim Kook-jin
Fan Marketing Jeong Seung-eun, Ga-yeon Lee, Eun-young Lee
Visual Production Soo- young Kang, Young-don Kim , Lee Yu- kyung, Seung-hee Yang, Eon-ju Park
Commerce Business HQ Jeong- chan Park, Ye-rang Choi, Ye-seul Choi, Moon-kyung Choi, Min-jung Han @ BizEnt
A&R Seong- jin Hwang, Ji-young Park, Hye-jin Lee, Sang-ho Yoo, Eun-joo Jo
Artist Development Hyeong-gyu Kim
Administration Ryun-hee Kim , Jin-young Lee, Ji-eun Park, anhyeonseon
Global Business HQ wihwe, So Hyun KIM, Kim, Ji - Hyun, Lee Yoo-ri, jangyuri
Educational Content Hyun, namgungjin, Hyun Jung Lee, simga wisdom
RBW Japan Branch wangjaeung Yamaguchi Asuka, Matsumoto Rina
Media Content Business Heo Jae-won, Kim, gimjayoung, jangseokhun, hyeonhanna
Public Relations garden tablets, Yeojin Jeong @ I-JE Company

Artwork & Design Ye-Rang Choi, Ye-Seul Choi, Moon-Kyung Choi, Min-Jeong Han @ BizEnt
Stylist Su-Kyung Seo, A-Yeon Kim Assistant So-Eun Jeong, Hyo-Jeong Kim @ Stylelike
Hair & Make-up Min-Joo Park, Seon-Sook
Kim Photographer Tae- Gu Kim, Su-Jin Lee, Hyun-Jin Lee @ LAD Studio
Music Video Director Won-Ki Hong, Myeong- Hyun Bae, Sang-Won Park @ Johnny Bros
Choreography Lia Kim, Jiwon Jung
Performance Director Jeon Hyo-jeong

Print @ Yein Art Co., Ltd.

Guitar Dohoon Kim, Young, Younghyun Kim, Lee Gunmin
Bass Jaewoo Seo
Piano Woosang Park, Jaewoo Seo , Daun Jeon
Synthesizer Dohoon Kim, Yongbae Seo , Woosang Park
Drum programming Dohoon Kim, Woosang Park, BreadBeat
Chorus Mamamoo, Woosang Park , Cosmic Girl, Jaehee Jeon

Recorded by Dohoon Kim, Woosang Park, TENTEN, Sangho Yoo, Eunjoo Jo @ RBW Studio
Digital edit by Jeon Jeon @ CUBE Studio
Mixed by Woosang Park @ RBW Studio
Uncle Jo (Asst.
Jeon Jeon Jeon ) @ CUBE Studio Mastered by Namwoo Kwon @ 821 Sound Mastering

*Album Specifications

[deep green ver.]
- PACKAGE: 140x190x25.5mm
- CD: 118x118mm
- BOOKLET : 128x177mm / 80p
- SQUARE STICKER: 97x102mm / Insert 1 type
- RANDOM BOOKLET: 128x177mm / 32p / Insert 1 type randomly among 4 types (Image by version Same)
- PHOTO CARD: 55x85mm / Insert a random one out of 16 (same image for each version)

[light green ver.]
- PACKAGE: 140x190x25.5mm
- CD: 118x118mm
- BOOKLET : 128x177mm / 80p
- SQUARE POLAROID 97x102mm / Insert 1 type
- RANDOM BOOKLET: 128x177mm / 32p / Insert 1 type randomly among 4 types (same image for each version )
- PHOTO CARD: 55x85mm / Insert a random one out of 16 types (same image for each version)