LOOΠΔ - 4th Mini Album [&] [Kit Album]

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Release date  2021-06-30
Dispatching Period 15-20days
The sales volume is applied 100% in the chart on Hanteo, Gaon, and Music Bank K.

girl of the month [&]

LOOΠΔ became one by turning fate, chance, and fate.

LOOΠΔ has shown the positive and positive effects so far, becoming the butterfly effect, gaining courage and finding self. Furthermore, he created a world that is not oppressed by creating a wave of change beyond imagination with his passionate passion.

[&] is an album that contains the reasons why LOONA has no choice but to break the standardized rules and become one with all LOOΠΔ in the world after LOOΠΔ achieves bigger changes beyond boundaries.

LOOΠΔ has various symbols that symbolize her dignity. Among them, the color of the symbol has a big connection with the message that LOONA wants to convey through this album.

“And all LOOΠΔs are one” will color the world with our own color, and all LOOΠΔs who have found their own color will sing “Paint The Town” with one voice. They shout and convey the message of moving forward together.

LOONA, who finally conquered LOONAverse by demonstrating their abilities, discovers a bigger world that they have never known before.

The intro song "&" contains the story of our becoming one by breaking the standardized rules and symbols.

The title song "PTT (Paint The Town)" is a dance hip-hop genre song with the most intense and explosive energy among the songs LOONA has ever released.

Combining all the essentials of a Bollywood song, it features aggressive dubstep and 808 bass sounds, as well as a hypnotic Indian flute playing the song's signature melodies, massive Indian drums and tabla combined with a massive chorus.

The whole song is composed of pure hit lines, and the addictive melody line leading to the minimal verse and pre-chorus part is unforgettable once you hear it.

Not only does LOOΠΔ completely capture the worldview, but it also contains the aspiration to make Paint The Town with our own colors by independently establishing ourselves without being trapped in taboos or not paying attention to others.

"WOW" celebrates all the LOOΠΔs in the world with a bouncy fast tempo and addictive beat, empowering LOOΠΔ to become stronger and more confident.

"Be Honest" is a refreshing up-tempo melody, and just like the title conveys, it has the meaning of revealing one's heart and moving forward confidently and honestly.

"Dance On My Own" is an emotional and energetic song that combines acoustic guitar playing and hip-hop drum beats.

"A Different Night" is a story of girls who spend different nights at the same time every day, and it is an emotional ballad song with a dreamy and vague sound as if collecting the stars of the night, and the signature pads and flutes.

The last track "U R" is a Lofi R&B song that combines an emotional piano and soft electric guitar with the voice of LOOΠΔ.

The LOOΠΔ who became one creates a hero.


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