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Release date 2021-02-19
Dispatching Period 15-20days
The sales volume is applied 100% in the chart on Hanteo, Gaon, and Music Bank K.

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- The artist's debut album [EXCALIBUR], which will make a sensation in the music industry in the first half of 2021, is released

- Launch of 'KINGDOM', a 7-member boy group ambitiously prepared by GF Entertainment

- A large-scale performance artist with a solid worldview, well known by word of mouth before debuting in the music industry

Kingdom is an artist that tells the story of the 7 kings of 7 countries with original music and solid performances. 

They are a 7-member boy group with distinct personalities and colorful aspects, consisting of a total of seven members: Dan, Arthur, Louie, Mujin, Jahan, Chiu, and Ivan.


The mini album [EXCALIBUR], which marks the beginning of the epic, begins with Arthur's story.

An innocent boy who has grown up unaware of his birth pulls out a sword stuck in a rock and ascends to the divine throne for the "Kingmaker", the base of his power.

'Arthur,' the chosen one carrying a heavy duty to lead the Kingmaker into a better world, you can see his weight as a king and his dignified cry to the world.

Together with the title song 'EXCALIBUR', which contains a super-large fantasy worldview. 

The 1st track 'Intro: Majestic Departure', the first Cinematic Orchestral Music for an idol album,

'Picasso', a medium-tempo pop song that drew emotion with a unique metaphor by comparing the person you love to Picasso,

'Night Air' is a pop ballad that shows the sad emotions that make the bridge of the nose grow cold and the expressive abilities of the members.

And the medium tempo dance song 'X', which wittyly expresses the meeting between you and me with one vertex, etc.

A total of 7 tracks were included as an alum that satisfies listeners' expectations. 

In particular, the title song EXCALIBUR is a performance dance track featuring a future bass-based strong synth sound and grooved rhythm.

It is a very sensuous combination of the dynamic change and the musical story that unfolds from the moment the music begins to the end.

The drama from Arthur before he became king to Arthur who ascended the throne overwhelms listeners' hearts with unique melodies and sensuous lyrics.

Kingdom prepared an intense performance that clearly reveals the worldview to prove that they are the best group in expressing fantasy stories. 

In order to fill only with original and creative music, talented new producers gathered and worked hard to differentiate and complete the album.

It is expected that Kingdom will become the artist of the year who will cause a sensation both in Korea and abroad with its best-in-class worldview and high-quality music.

** Album Specifications and Components **

- 150 mm x 210 mm 80p 

- CD

- Photocard (1 random out of 7)