KAI - 1st Mini Album [KAI (开)][FLIP BOOK Ver.]

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Release date 2020-12-11
Dispatching Period 15-20days
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'World Class Performer' EXO Kai, Solo Debut!
First mini album 'KAI' released on November 30th!
Music X Performance X Style Opens a New World!
'World-class performer' EXO Kai (SM) will make his debut as a solo singer.
Kai's first solo album 'KAI (开)' will be released on November 30th, and it is expected to get explosive interest from music fans as it contains a total of 6 songs in a colorful atmosphere.
In particular, Kai is gaining worldwide popularity for his outstanding performance skills and stylish visuals through EXO activities, and he has proven his overwhelming stage dominance with solo songs released at concerts such as 'Confession' and 'Spoiler'. As a solo artist, attention is focused on the new music and stage to present.
In addition, Kai is not only active in music, but also in a wide range of fields such as drama and entertainment, showing his versatile charms, as well as attracting attention in the global fashion world for his excellent fashion sense and high topicality. collect

*Album Specifications
1. 1 cover
-Postcard (2 random out of 6)
-Photocard (1 out of 3 random)