IU - 2nd mini album [IU… IM]

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Release date 2009-11-13
Dispatching Period 15-20days
The sales volume is applied 100% in the chart on Hanteo, Gaon, and Music Bank K.

IU, who showed near-perfect song interpretation and singing skills with her debut song 'Mia' at the young age of 15, transformed into a youthful image 180 degrees different from the previous work with the title song 'Boo' of the regular album, showing the fresh sensibility of a teenager. She appealed, and through the follow-up song 'You Know', she showed off her face as a bright and cute girl diva without any regrets, showing her expressive power that can handle any genre.

The second mini-album [IU,,,IM], which will once again catch our eyes and ears, contains a total of 7 songs. The best composers in Korea, including Do-Hoon Kim, Sang-Won Han, Jong-Hoon Lee, and Woong-Sik Min, have come together to create an album that will satisfy fans' expectations.

The album title [IU… IM] said, “IU… It literally means “I”, which means that IU directly conveys the emotions and thoughts she sees, hears, and feels through her songs. The title song 'Marshmallow' is based on 'Rock'n'Roll' in the 60's and adds the trendy vibe of 'French Pop', which is currently popular around the world. The song was written and presented exclusively for IU with the work of Kim Do-hoon and Park Soo-jong, the best producers and composers in Korea. 'Marshmallow' was written by Choi Gap-won, the producer of this album and the lyricist who created numerous hits. IU, who showed her cuteness with 'Boo' in the first half of last year, can see her mature femininity as well as her cute appearance with this 'Marshmallow'.

In addition, 'Love attack', an attack by a strong girl who tells you to love her without being shy, 'Riding the train' with a deeper sensibility, “Morning Tears” with its faint and sad vocals, this is the feeling IU dreams of on a date ? It contains high-quality songs that cannot be missed, such as “Exciting Date”.