GOT7 - 3rd Album Repackage [PRESENT : YOU & ME Edition] [2CD]

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Release date  2018-12-04
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Release of 'GOT7', repackage album '<Present : YOU> &ME Edition' and title song 'Miracle'!

- GOT7 releases repackage album '<Present : YOU> &ME Edition' that will mark the end of 2018... Third comeback this year!
- Title song 'Miracle', "The miracle moment for GOT7, who debuted in January 2014, is meeting the fans"
- A total of 28 tracks including 'Miracle' & 'Take Me To You' written by JYP Park Jin-young and world tour stage songs!

Group GOT7 will make a comeback with the release of the new album '<Present : YOU> &ME Edition' and the title song 'Miracle' on December 3rd.
GOT7 released the mini album 'Eyes On You' and the title song 'Look' in March, the 3rd full album 'Present : YOU' and the title song 'Lullaby' in September. > &ME Edition' and the title song 'Miracle' announced their third comeback this year.

In 2018, GOT7 had a miraculous year. After completing the world tour in 17 overseas cities including Asia, Europe, North America, and South America, he raised his status as a 'global trending idol'. proved to be very popular.

<Present: YOU> &ME Edition' is an album that expresses gratitude to the domestic and foreign fans who have made such a miracle, adding 'ME' to the message of the 3rd regular album 'Present: YOU', which says, “The best gift in life to GOT7 is the fans.” is completed by being with the fans.”

This new album, consisting of 2 CDs, contains a total of 28 tracks. CD1 contains three new songs (tracks 1 to 3), including the title song 'Miracle', as well as solo and unit stage songs (tracks 4 to 12) from the world tours 'FLY' and 'EYES ON YOU'. The 3rd full-length album title song (Korean, English, Chinese, Spanish versions) and each member's solo song (tracks 13-28) are included, filling the track list abundantly. 

The first track and title song, 'Miracle', is a ballad song that sings when a truly miraculous moment is for GOT7. It conveys the message that 'The real miracle for GOT7, who debuted in January 2014, is the moment they met the fans who made it possible for them to overcome the cold and difficult times like winter'. Jinyoung Park, the head of JYP, who has been with the members since GOT7's trainee days until now, entering the 5th year, participated in the lyrics and added a special touch to the song.

Track 2, 'Take Me To You', is a pop ballad song that compares falling in love to a situation in a remote island. The charming voices of the members harmonize with the guitar sound-based track reminiscent of the sea, giving listeners a sense of immersion. Jinyoung Park participated in writing the lyrics and melted the sweet emotions.

Track 3 'I Can't See' is a hip-hop song written and composed by leader JB, with an electronic lead guitar sound and 808 bass punch. Through lyrics such as "I'm proud of my lovely Girl" and "It's already a birthday every day just thinking of you," he expressed his feelings towards his fans in a cute and witty way.

The 4th track '1:31AM (Have a good day)' is a ballad song by JB and the Youngjae unit. The song started at 1:31 and the song title was named '1:31AM'.

Track 5 'Higher' is an exciting dance song by Mark and Jinyoung's unit that conveys the message 'Put me up higher'.

Track 6 'I Love It' is a solo hip-hop track featuring Jackson's charming voice.

The 7th track 'WOLO' is an abbreviation for 'We Only Live Once' and contains the message to enjoy life once, without worrying about what others think of you. It is a hip-hop genre song with units of Jackson, BamBam, and Yugyeom.

Track 8, 'King', is a song written and composed by Jinyoung and BamBam, and sings about the confidence that they will show their best side.

Track 9 'Think About It' is a unit song by JB, Mark, and Youngjae, which contains the will to overcome difficult and difficult situations.

Track 10 'Now' is a song written and composed by Yugyeom, and it is an R&B genre song that expresses the sorrowful feelings towards the other person.

The 11th track 'Hunger' is Jackson's solo song with the meaning of still being hungry, as the title suggests, and will grow up by standing up against any difficulties without succumbing to any difficulties.

Track 12 'Phoenix' is a duet song between Jackson and Yugyeom that conveys the message that everything will be positive if GOT7 and Agase (GOT7 fan club) are together no matter how difficult the world is.

Through this activity, GOT7 plans to unleash its infinite love for fans and unquenchable passion for music. Returning with the repackage album '<Present: YOU> &ME Edition' and the title song 'Miracle', GOT7 is ready to decorate the end of 2018 in a splendid fashion.

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