GOT7 - 2nd regular album [FLIGHT LOG : TURBULENCE]

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Release date  2016-09-28
Dispatching Period 15-20days
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Global idol GOT7 releases 2nd full album [FLIGHT LOG: TURBULENCE]!


- GOT7 successfully completed 21 performances in 13 cities around the world! Expectations for the first album after the global tour are amplified.
- Title song 'Hard Carry', a number that contains the energy of GOT7's free spirit with powerful sound!
- Participated in writing lyrics and composing 11 songs out of a total of 13 songs! Global idol GOT7 with scary growth.

Global idol GOT7 makes a sudden comeback with their second full-length album [FLIGHT LOG: TURBULENCE].


GOT7's new album [FLIGHT LOG: TURBULENCE] is a series concept of the mini-album [FLIGHT LOG: DEPARTURE] released in March,

This album contains GOT7's strong masculine energy, breaking through the rough turbulence they met after a dazzling flight.


In particular, this comeback of GOT7 consists of 21 performances in 13 cities around the world.

Since it is the first official activity since the successful completion of the first global tour, the interest of fans around the world is even more focused.


GOT7, which has shown remarkable growth with each album, directly participated in writing lyrics and composing 11 out of a total of 13 songs.

He was listed on the credits with leading composers, demonstrating his musical abilities to the fullest.

EDM-based hip-hop, TRAP, deep R&B, etc. through various genres,

By expanding the world of music, he showed his growth as an artist with no regrets.