(G)I-DLE - 4th Mini Album [I burn]

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Release date  2021-01-12
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The red flower that bloomed by rubbing the wound 'fire'

(G)I-DLE's 'I' series 4th album [I burn]

(G)I-DLE announces the start of their full-fledged activities with the release of their 4th mini album [I burn]. Following the unrivaled performance of 'Oh my god' and (G)I-DLE's addictive summer song 'DUMDi DUMDi', a unique performance that heated up 2020, this time, the mood is reversed with a farewell song with a cool sensibility added to an oriental instrument. try to

[I burn], which started with the idea that 'breaking up isn't over until it's completely forgotten' is an album that contains the various emotions felt in the process of recovering happiness after a breakup. It starts with the story of 'I', whose heart is charred due to the breakup, and ends with the conclusion that a red flower blooms with light through the wound, even though it was hurt and burned. 

As is clearly felt in the title and lyrics of the title song 'Fire Flower', (G)I-DLE sings the pain of love using a burning fire and colorful flowers as a metaphor. The white snowy field and the thousands of fires rising from afar, and the brilliant flowers blooming beneath it, are painted right in front of you. 'Flame', a collaboration between leader Soyeon and composer Pop Time, is an impressive song with addictive hooks and dramatic emotional changes. 

The three visual concepts that embody the emotional lines from the burnt scars to full bloom again proved the qualifier of 'concept craftsmanship' given to (G)I-DLE again. The keywords and stories that run through the album, from 'Han (寒)', which compares the pain of parting to a bitter winter, 'fire' that burned the pain, and 'flower', which eventually bloomed in the It melted and added visual pleasure. (G)I-DLE drew a hot reaction from the public by perfectly digesting the image of a cold and lonely winter, the image of a shaking and spreading fire, and the image of a beautiful but sharp flower, as well as a deeper emotional performance through the music video. aroused

(G)I-DLE, who participated in the writing and composing of all songs including the title song, has established itself as an unrivaled self-produced artist with unrivaled musicality and concept digestibility. Let's join the (G)I-DLE, who will create the new year's hot craze in 2021, and those who are establishing their own genre together.

01. Han (寒)  

Composed, Lyrics by Soyeon, Ahn Yeeun

Arranged by BreadBeat, Ahn Yeeun, Soyeon

The song 'Han (寒)', which connects 'Han (一)' and 'fire flower', tells the story of the change in emotions felt as winter comes from the loneliness of being alone through betrayal and parting.

02. 화 (spark)

Composed by 소연, Pop Time

Lyrics by Soyeon

Arranged by Pop Time, 소연

(G)I-DLE's second parting title song 'Fire' is an arrangement that makes you feel the cold and cool atmosphere of winter, and an oriental instrument is added to it so that you can feel the pain of parting. It is a song in the mumbaton genre featuring an addictive hook and changing lyrics that express the emotions after a breakup with the ambivalent subject of 'woe'.

'I kindle a fire in my heart that is frozen in the cold winter. In that way, it will melt the winter and blossom in the spring.'

03. MOON

Composed by 민니, FCM 후디니, FCM 667

Lyrics by Soyeon

Arranged by FCM Houdini, Minni

'MOON' is a pop genre song with an addictive hook melody and a danceable disco rhythm, bass, and synthesizer built-up. This song depicts a situation in which darkness is taken away on a moonlit night, where you can take a break from laughter.

04. Where is love

Composed by Soyeon, Lee Woomin "collapsedone"

Lyrics by Soyeon

Arranged by 이우민 "collapsedone"

'Where is love', a pop/dance genre song about the futility of love and emotions that no one can remember after the pain is over, starts with a retro-style funky bass line, changes various parts, and (G)I-DLE members' voices is a charmingly expressed song.

05. LOST

Composed by Seo Jae-Woo, Woo-Woo

Lyrics by Woo-Woo, Jae-Woo Seo, So-Yeon

Arranged by 서재우

'LOST' is an R&B genre song that sings the complex emotion of 'lost' that is gradually felt over time after a breakup. In addition, you can feel the emotions after a breakup expressed by (G)I-DLE, who have voices that reveal different personalities.


Composed by BreadBeat, 민니

Lyrics by Minni, BreadBeat, Soyeon

Arranged by BreadBeat

'DAHLIA', a Mumbaton-based medium-pop genre song, is a song with the theme of 'Dahlia', a flower that has a beautiful and seductive meaning and opposite meanings of instability and greed. The lyrics that capture the attraction to an attractive partner and the greed for that target are impressive.

*Album Specifications
- Sleeve (SLEEVE) : 189mm X
257mm - Booklet (BOOKLET) : 188mm X 257mm / 96p (Images vary by version
- Lyric paper (LYRIC PAPER) : 160mm X 210mm/ Insert 1 type (images are different for each version)
- MINI POSTER : 360mm X 500mm / Insert 1 type randomly out of 6 types (images are different for each version)
- Postcard (POSTCARD) ) : 100mm X 150mm / Insert one random out of 6 types (image different for each version)
- Photo Card (PHOTO CARD) : 55mm X 85mm / Insert one random type out of 12 types (image different for each version)
- LUCKY CARD ) : 55mm X 85mm / Insert a random type out of 6 types (same image for each version)
- Sticker (STICKER) : 100mm X 100mm / Insert a random 1 type out of 6 types (same image for each version)