G-DRAGON - ONE OF A KIND [Bronze Edition]

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Release date 2012-09-18
Dispatching Period 15-20days
The sales volume is applied 100% in the chart on Hanteo, Gaon, and Music Bank K.

1. One Of A Kind
2. Crayon
3. In the end (ft. ? of YG New Girl Group)
4. That XX
5. Missing You (ft. Yuna Kim of Jaurim)
6. Today (ft. Jongwan Kim of Nell)
7. Light the fire (ft. Tablo, Dok2) [Bonus Track]

On September 18, 2012, G-DRAGON's mini album [ONE OF A KIND] will be released.
This mini-album, released three years after the album [Heartbreaker], which recorded the highest album sales in 2009, is a total of 7 songs created by G-DRAGON along with YG's top producers TEDDY, CHOICE37, Pilgang Choi, Seungcheon Ham, Wookjin Kang, and Tablo. It consists of composition. In particular, the title song 'CRAYON' is a song co-written and composed by YG's representative producer TEDDY and G-DRAGON. It means -DRAGON, and it is the song that reveals the color of G-DRAGON the most.
In addition, 'One Of A Kind', which drew attention with its pre-released music video before the album's release, and 'That XX', which ranked first in major domestic music charts, which is unprecedented in history as a song that cannot be listened to under the age of 19, is rarely used by other singers' albums. 'Missing You' featuring Jaurim's Yuna Kim, who is famous for not participating in the feature, 'Today' featuring Nell's Kim Jong-wan, 'In the end' featuring a member of YG's New Girl Group, and only included in the album As a bonus track, Tablo and DOK2 featured and collaborated, leading to a standout 'Light the Fire'... You can meet the various charms of a total of 7 songs in one album.

Album Specifications
- SIZE : 140*190
- Composition : CD + pictorial + lyrics + family card