Fromis_9 - 3rd Mini Album [My Little Society]

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Release date 2020-09-17
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Invitation to [My Little Society] from
 nine 'Feel Good (SECRET CODE)' filled with the charm of our free space '9 people, 9 colors' that can be shown as it is.

Fromis Nine has returned with the charm of 'a variety of colors' that goes beyond eight colors. [My Little Society], which will show 9 colorful characters with the unique charms of each of the 9 members.

Fromis_9, who solidified their position as a 'Ptoncide Doll' with their first single title song 'FUN!' released in June last year, will release their own energetic energy on September 16th. After about 1 year and 3 months with full arms, they will release their third mini album [My Little Society].

# We invite you to our free space, fromis9's [My Little Society] party.

Fromis9's third mini-album [My Little Society], which represents my own small space filled with my sensibility and taste, is okay to show as it is. Of course, it is an album where you can feel the charm of fromis nine.

Fromis9 conveyed the message of 'the joy we feel in our free space' through the title song 'Feel Good (SECRET CODE)'. contained it. In particular, as well as a performance full of energy that can't take your eyes off it, as well as an addictive that can't be stopped even for a moment, it made me fall in love with the '9 people, 9 colors' charm that only they can show.

# The starting point of a new story that fromis9 will write

The third mini album [My Little Society] consists of a total of 5 tracks. In addition to the first track and title song 'Feel Good (SECRET CODE)', the second track 'Weather' featuring a kitsch intro and minimalistic funky sound, The third track, 'Starry Night', is a self-composed song by Lee Seo-yeon and a harmonious piano sound.

In the fourth track that followed, Sae-Rom Lee participated in the lyrics of the song in the jazzy mood, ‘Somebody to love’, which adds a fresh thrill that everyone must have had at least once. Park Ji-won participated as the lyricist and added a fun element to the song's 'fish', which presents a variety of genres and colorful voice tones, showing a more changed appearance.

Through this album, fromis9 will not only reveal their wide range of musical capabilities with a new charm that has grown their unique bright energy much more, but will also come closer to us more lovingly and honestly and tell their own stories.

♦Track List

Composed by Lee Woo-min “collapsedone”, Justin Reinstein, JJean / Lyrics by Seo Ji-eum, Initiative / Arranged by Lee Woo-min “collapsedone”, Justin Reinstein / Published by JYP Publishing (KOMCA), NuVive Music ( ASCAP) The
title song 'Feel Good (SECRET CODE)' , with its upbeat 80's funky guitar riff sound and addictive refrain, is a song that shows the joy of being honest as it is. You can feel the lively and bright energy of fromis9 to the fullest with the content that it invites you to 'our space', which is okay to show as it is.

2. Weather
Composed by Nmore(PRISMFILTER), Choi Young-kyung / Lyrics by Kim In-hyeong, Kako / Arranged by Nmore(PRISMFILTER) Featuring a
kitsch intro, hooky vocal chops, and a funky sound with a minimalist composition, 'Weather' is a self that changes every moment. It is a song that compares oneself to the weather, and contains the message that revealing what one wants is as natural as the weather.

3. Starry Night
Composed by Seoyeon Lee, BuildingOwner(PRISMFILTER), Youngkyung Choi / Lyrics by Seoyeon Lee, BuildingOwner(PRISMFILTER), Youngkyung Choi / Arranged by BuildingOwner(PRISMFILTER)
member Seoyeon Lee's own composition. expressed the triumph. The song contains the loneliness left alone, expressing the hope that the empty room can be illuminated with the dark night sky, and someone who rises as a star can shine with the bright light of the other person.

4. Somebody to love
Composed by Crazy Emotion, KZ, ANTIK, Yoonjin Lee, CLEF CREW / Lyrics by Saerom Lee, Crazy Emotion, KZ, ANTIK, Yunjin Lee, CLEF CREW / Arranged by Crazy Emotion, ANTIK
Refreshing E. piano and jazzy piano It is a sophisticated medium pop song with a melodious melody, and it is an impressive song with refreshing vocals filled with excitement. Member Lee Sae-rom participated in the lyrics writing and drew the fresh excitement that everyone must have had in their hearts at least once.

5. Fish
Composed by Park Ki-tae (PRISMFILTER), Shannon / Lyrics by Lee Sae-rom, Park Ji-won, Isran, Shannon / Arranged by Park Ki-tae (PRISMFILTER) This
is a lively mood song with a repeating rhythm on a disco drum that reveals the new disco genre. It is a song released from the eyes of a fish in a fishbowl. The place where I am now is in a small fishbowl, but when I close my eyes, my imagination becomes an infinitely enjoyable space.


** ** Contents
1. Photo Book         
- two kinds (<. My account ver>, <. My society ver>) / 170 * 230 (mm) / 72p / versions to different

2.Mini card
- 1 type randomly inserted out of 9 types per version / 60*90 / different back design
3. Photocard
- 2 types randomly inserted out of 26 types per version / 55*85 / 1 type per back design version

4.Deco Stickers
- Insert 1 type per version / 150*200 / Limited to the first time

- 1 per version / Inserted in envelope