Fromis_9 - 2nd Single [9 WAY TICKET] [Kit Album]

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Release date 2021-05-18
Dispatching Period 15-20days
The sales volume is applied 100% in the chart on Hanteo, Gaon, and Music Bank K.



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Fromis 9 will release their second single album '9 WAY TICKET' on May 17th.

- Album package
- Air kit_button type (60*60*13)
- 1 Title & Credit Card (90*123)
- 1 group post card (90*123)
- Album photocard set 18 sheets (85*119) *KiT Album EXCLUSIVE
- Deluxe box package (100*134*36)
- Kit album usage guide 1 piece in Korean/English

**Introduction to the kit album**

The kit album is a music album for smartphones, has the same album composition as the existing CD album, and is a next-generation music album that can be operated on a smartphone by applying cutting-edge technology. Using the kit album, you can not only enjoy music, but also enjoy various photos and videos of artists, and users can record, shoot, and share music videos by using the kit studio function provided by the kit album. In addition, music videos, photos, and posts made by fans are shared in the fan cafe-type kiter community inside the artist's album, and through this, various communication and sympathy between fans and artists can be created.

The sales of all kit albums are counted on the physical album charts, Gaon Chart and Hanteo Chart.
In this album, vocal volume control is provided for one title song.