Fromis_9 - 1st single [FUN FACTORY] [KIT ALBUM]

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Release date 2019-06-05
Dispatching Period 15-20days
The sales volume is applied 100% in the chart on Hanteo, Gaon, and Music Bank K.



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Fromis Nine, the joy is 'pop!' Released the popping first single album [FUN FACTORY]
Fromis Nine, comes back with more upgrades... Song Ha-young and Park Ji-won participated in composing and writing lyrics for the included songs!
'Ptoncide Doll' Fromis Nine, the title song 'FUN!' with refreshing healing... Refreshing beauty UP!
Fromis_9, who rose to the ranks of expectations for a girl group with the special single title song 'LOVE BOMB' released in October last year, released their first single album [FUN FACTORY] on June 4, after about 8 months, and became addictive. With the strong title song 'FUN!', they plan to once again solidify their position as a 'Ptoncide Doll' that feels good just looking at them.
Fromis 9's first single album [FUN FACTORY], which returned with more complete music and performance, is true to the title song 'FUN!' All of us will be pleasant and fun.” It provides refreshing healing this summer with fromis9's unique and clear energy. 
The title song 'FUN!' of the first single album is an up-tempo dance song based on house and disco rhythms, further raising the youthful energy of 'Fromis Nine'. Fromis Nine, which has established itself as an icon of freshness, will melt the hearts of fans with the title song 'FUN!
In addition, Sean Michael Alexander, Drew Ryan Scott, and MELODESIGN, who were together in the title song 'LOVE BOMB' of the last album, participated in the composition, and once again worked together to create fromis9's unique style. He made the musical color more solid and worked with 'Digipedi', a music video director who has been with him since his debut. It has a pleasant feeling like a soft drink and a popping charm like a soft drink.
In addition, the title song 'FUN!' in the first single album [FUN FACTORY] In addition, there are two unit songs that can feel different charms. Track 2's 'LOVE RUMPUMPUM' is a unit composed of Lee Sae-rom, Jang Gyu-ri, Noh Ji-sun, Lee Seo-yeon, Lee Chae-young, Lee Na-kyung, and Baek Ji-heon. A unique color was added to the song.
In the last track 'FLY HIGH', two members Song Ha-young and Park Ji-won not only sang, but also participated in writing lyrics and composing, showing their musical talents. It is a song with a refreshing guitar sound and the cool singing method of the two main vocals, and the lyrical lyrics are impressive, and the fantastic breath of the two members, which has not been seen before, makes the future as 'composition idols' look forward to.
With such infinite possibilities and potential, fromis 9 is growing at a terrifying speed, winning the title of 'composition idol', and a new sensation in the girl group world with the charm of 9 members and 9 colors that are more colorful with refreshing beauty and improved visuals. is foretold



-Air kit (button type) (60*60)
-Compact package with sleeve (60*90)
-10 photo cards (54*80)
-Kino album usage guide 1 sheet in Korean/English (102*153)

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- Fromis 9 FUN FACTORY Keno Album Features and Benefits

Easy and convenient to use in a non-contact method through an air kit (button type)
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View album related music videos, album introductions, and teaser videos directly from within Keno Album
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