Everything was okay yesterday OST

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A shining word for tomorrow
The hottest consolation to all those who endured a difficult yesterday
 “For those who are going through a difficult time right now, there must be someone out there to help you out. Never give up.”

The movie <Everything was okay yesterday> is a movie that tells the story of 18 youth with warm comfort and courage from the precarious children at the edge of the brink, the teacher Minjae who is always on their side even if they repeat failures and mistakes. Wind> The OST has been released as the next work of director Lee Seong-han. 
All the music in <Yesterday's Everything is Okay OST> was directed by Lee Seong-han, who directed the film, and participated in the music production. melted
The two people, who wanted to convey a clear, pure, and unadorned story and emotion vividly to children, after a long time and deliberation, were confident in the sound and expressive power of lyrical emotions of the piano among numerous instruments, filled out Singer-songwriters Kim Seon-ha and Jang Jin-young, who participated as vocals in this OST, did not express the words they wanted to say to children through lines in the movie, but the lyrics written by director Lee Seong-han. 

Release Date: 2019. 11. 21.
Director: Lee Seong-han
Cast: Kim Jae-cheol, Yoon Chan-young, Sang-yeon Sang, Kim Min-ju, Kim Jin-young, Park Gun-joo

Produced by Lee Seong Han, Yang Sang Ho 
Composed by Lee Seong Han, Yang Sang Ho 
Lyrics by Lee Seong Han
Arranged by Lee Seong Han, Yang Sang Ho 
Piano by Yang Sang Ho
Recorded by   양상호(Yang Sang Ho) at BOOYOUNGENT STUDIO
Mixed & Mastered by   민지연(Min Ji Yeon) at STUDIO PAJU
Artwork by Ahn Sang Soo at DEGIGN YESOOL