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Release date 2021-01-20
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- Season 3 [HIDEOUT: BE OUR VOICE] , Proof of CRAVITY's existence... The perfect teamwork of nine youths

- Title song 'My Turn' announces CRAVITY's relentless sprint and flight  

'Super Rookie' Cravity, who had an intense 2020, begins a new season. CRAVITY, which has continued unstoppable since its debut in April of last year, swept the Rookie of the Year award at various awards ceremonies last year, and made a definite mark on the public. The achievements achieved with just two albums were enough to reveal their presence in the K-pop scene. CRAVITY's new album, which is a trending rookie, is the best time to satisfy the expectations of global fans. CRAVITY, who is making a comeback after 5 months, plans to take off once again with boyish charm and more complete teamwork, like a super rookie representing 2020.

<The value of the name, proof of existence..[HIDEOUT: BE OUR VOICE]>

CRAVITY's 'HIDEOUT' series, which has reached its third season, depicts the process of 'they', who were different beings, gradually becoming 'we' through empathy. If season 1 '[HIDEOUT: REMEMBER WHO WE ARE]' sang emotions about the beginning along with a shout out to the world, season 2 [HIDEOUT: THE NEW DAY WE STEP INTO] shows 'the passion and aspirations of boys facing the new world'. contained 

'CRAVITY SEASON3. [HIDEOUT: BE OUR VOICE]' contains a more sincere story of CRAVITY. The time when I was a trainee who ran for the dream of debut, the debut that I finally got in my hands, the time I ran after being given the name 'CRAVITY'. It is planned to increase the level of immersion with the story of the difficult process and the various emotions felt at the new boundary. 

A 'name' is recognized for its value only when there is someone who calls it. After discovering each other, the boys realize that there is another existence with a similar story to them and form a sympathy. Because we are together, we can understand each other's 'differences' without being lonely. In the process, I realize once again that my existence can be of comfort to someone. The name 'CRAVITY', which has been called for the past 9 months, has been able to exist because of the many fans, and the members also want to prove their existence again through music. 

<Title song 'My Turn'..'Next Generation' CRAVITY's Infinite Run>

The title song 'My Turn' is a song about CRAVITY, the anticipated K-Pop scene,'s unstoppable run. It has a minimal sound, a heavy bass, and an addictive beat with energetic and groovy vocals. It expresses the tireless energy on stage, an unexpected rising graph, and the future of CRAVITY that awaits the next one. The composition of the emotionally heightened song delivers an exhilarating pleasure. Cosmic Girls' Exy wrote the lyrics, and hit maker Ryan Jeon participated in the production, completing a powerful yet restrained song. 

In addition, the music video, which expresses the desire for victory and the race, presents an overwhelming visual beauty with dynamic movements and explosive energy through 'basketball' and 'racing', the sports that symbolize speed. The perfect performance of CRAVITY, which has further improved the level of perfection, will be added to draw the attention of fans. 

Each track that makes up the album delivers a strong sense of immersion from Cravity's point of view. A 'name' that someone calls, 'Call my name' that reminds us of the value of a more precious existence, 'Mammoth' that reveals the presence of wildly exploding cravity, 'that the thrown cravity of the game plays the role of a Rule-Breaker' Bad Habits', 'Moonlight' to wake up the real me and enjoy love in the background of the moonlight pouring all night, 'Dangerous', an addictive track that gets you the more you avoid it, 'Give me your love', which gives you a promise with only one love in the background The song continues the team's solid narrative. In addition, members Serim, Allen, and Wonjin were listed on the songwriting credits, raising expectations for self-producing in the future.  

CRAVITY, which has received attention not only in Korea but also around the world, soars into the future of K-Pop. After just 9 months, CRAVITY, which has turned expectations into certainty, is expected to deliver the highest level of immersion through the third season.

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- Photobook: 132p (images are different for each version)
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