OST - Cinderella and Four Knights

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Release Date 2016-09-28
Dispatching Period 15-20days
The sales volume is applied 100% in the chart on Hanteo, Gaon, and Music Bank K.

-The emotional OST of the popular, popular [tvN Friday-Saturday drama Cinderella and Four Knights] is finally released
. -The emotional OST of the drama [Cinderella and the Four Knights], which has been hotly requested by viewers, is finally released on CD.
This Cinderella and the Four Knights OST album is the previously released OST Part. It contains 12 drama scores and 29 performance songs that contain the fun and emotion in the dramas from 1 to 9.
The OST master and composer Oh Jun-seong, who composes and arranges the entire music according to the flow of the drama [Cinderella and the Four Knights], is doubling the fun and emotion of the drama 29 This album, which contains the song's new drama score, is expected to stimulate the listeners' sensibility softly and sadly by adding the lively and bouncy fun songs and emotional and mournful songs unique to composer Oh Jun-seong.
Meanwhile, composer Oh Jun-seong, the music director of the drama [Cinderella and the Four Knights], has been working on [My Girl], [Prosecutor Princess], [Boys Over Flowers], [City Hunter], [Faith], [Master's Sun], [Like Fate] I love you], [Jackpot], [Mom], and [Scholar Who Walks the Night] as the master of the OST, who has given birth to gem-like hit songs, this work is also loved for its high-quality and heart-touching OST. .

CD 1
01. For You - BTOB 
02. My Romeo - Jessi 
03. Confession (Feat. Sijin) - SinB (GFriend) 
04. When I See You Again (Feat. Monet) - Green Kakao
05. Without You - Bomi 
Yoon (Apink) 06. I Believe - YOUNHA 
07. Starry You - Dick Punks 
08. Only One - Jia 
09. How to Find Love - CNU (B1A4) 
10. For You (Ballad ver.) - BTOB 
11. Confession – Jung-Sung Lee (CNBLUE)
12. You who are pouring stars – Jung-Shin Lee (CNBLUE)
CD 2
01. The Chorus Of Knights (Opening Title) - Jun-seong Oh
02. Smile Of Blessing - Jun-seong Oh 
03. Protect You - Jun-seong Oh 
04. Sad Walking - Junseong Oh 
05. Pit-A-Pat - Junseong Oh 
06. Hallway - Junseong Oh 
07. Leave Me Alone - Junseong Oh 
08. Only For Her - Junseong Oh 
09. Edge Of The Cliff - Junseong Oh 
10. Stop The Rain - Junseong Oh 
11. Parade Of Angels - Junseong Oh 
12. Cinderella Story - Junseong Oh 
13. Don't Cry - Junseong Oh 
14. Let's Cheer up! - Junseong Oh 
15. Pinocchio Dance - Junseong Oh 
16. Open My Arms - Junseong Oh 
17. Urban Guy - Junseong Oh 
18. Show Your Heart - Junseong Oh 
19. Lonely Melody - Junseong Oh 
20. No Mercy - Junseong Oh 
21. Come On Over - Junseong Oh 
22. Teardrop Raindrop - Junseong Oh 
23. Friendly - Junseong Oh 
24. In Front Of Sunset - Junseong Oh 
25. Wondergirl - Junseong Oh 
26. Closer - Junseong Oh 
27. Just Say - Junseong Oh 
28. Sky House - Junseong Oh 
29. Our Solution - Junseong Oh