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TS releases single CD <Butter>
Includes global summer song <Butter> and heart-fluttering <Permission to Dance> 
'21st-century pop icon' BTS' message to the world... 'Listen to your Heart's Rhythm'   

The group BTS released their single CD <Butter> on July 9th.  

The digital single <Dynamite>, which brought positive energy to the world in August 2020, <Life Goes On>, the title song of the album <BE>, which contains a message of comfort and support, saying, 'Nevertheless, our lives continue', an exciting and cheerful summer song. Following <Butter>, the song released by BTS this time is <Permission to Dance>, which anyone can enjoy easily. 

- Total 2 types [Cream, Peaches]
- 1 CD: 1 each version
- Outbox: 1 each version / W 140 XL 140 XH 40 (mm) 
- Photobook: 1 each version / W 137 XH 137 (mm) / Cream 108Pages, Peaches 104Pages
- Photocard: Random 1 out of 8 in each version
- Instant Photo Card: 1 in total (same for all versions)
- Photo stand: 1 each version / W 137 XH 95 (mm)
- Folded message card: 1 random out of 7 types 
- Graphic sticker: 1 each version
- Lyrics: 2 types (same for all versions)
- Poster: 1 type for each version / W 822 XH 548 (mm) / limited first draft