BTS - 2 Cool 4 Skool

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release date 2013-06-13

Dispatching Period 15-20days
The sales volume is applied 100% in the chart on Hanteo, Gaon, and Music Bank K.


Hip-hop idol 'BTS' releases debut single '2 COOL 4 SKOOL'!
'BTS' debut song 'No More Dream'! A reinterpretation of 90's gangster hip-hop!
Hip-hop idol 'BTS' debut single '2 COOL 4 SKOOL'!
Despite being single, it boasts a running time of over 27 minutes.
This is the result of the belief and passion of BTS that hip-hop musicians should talk about with their albums.
The members showed off their unusual skills by participating in the lyrics and composition of all songs.
As BTS said, “Hip-hop is sincere music that tells their own story,”
they wrote their own experiences and feelings in rap.
Thanks to this, there is no sense of alienation between the emotions of BTS and the lyrics.
It can be said that it is the birth of an album that is satisfactory in both quality and quantity.