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[Main song description]
01 Yongjin Kim-CRY
Kim Yong-jin, who won the title of the 2018 Immortal Song of Kings, is a song depicting another love of a man who said he would never love again. 
It's a song with great vocals and rough tones added to it.  

02 웅산-Love is strong
The melody of the Prague Symphony Orchestra
It is a song that completes a calm and beautiful melody with the sweet voice of world-famous jazz vocalist Ung San.

03 Uangel Voice- What you want
Uangel Voices is a choir consisting of 5 members.
They are a talented classical vocal group that performed not only in Korea, but also in the US, Europe, and Japan, and received a four-star rating from The Herald, a British music magazine. The song was written by composer and music director Seol Gi-tae and Woo-jung, and the lyrics were written and participated by Ji-hyang Park, president of Uangel Voice Foundation, Ph.D., PhD.

04. 존박-You’re my everything
You're my everything from the world famous 'Santa Esmeralda'. The song was adapted and added to the excellent vocals of 'John Park', and 'Harim''s harmonica performance and guitarist Lee Seong-ryeol's performance with JAM STRING's wonderful melody were added to make 'Santa Esmeralda's You're my everything' reinterpreted as a new song was born

06. Sihoo Park - Cloudy Memory
The lead actor of the drama 'Babel', 'Park Si-hoo', sent a message to the fans to repay the fans. You can guess how much he loves his fans. 'Cloudy Memories' is a song with a beautiful melody completed in collaboration with music director Gaemi and composer Ki-tae Seol.