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Release date 2020-01-07
Dispatching Period 15-20days
The sales volume is applied 100% in the chart on Hanteo, Gaon, and Music Bank K.
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-Global performance idol ATEEZ
-The final version of the TREASURE series, the epilogue album [TREASURE EPILOGUE : Action To Answer] is released!

Global performance idol ATEEZ is releasing the epilogue album [TREASURE EPILOGUE: Action To Answer], the final version of the TREASURE series. Previously, ATEEZ released a total of 4 TREASURE series, built ATEEZ's unique concept and storytelling, and showed dazzling growth by attracting domestic and foreign fans. After a long journey, the members have reached the end of their journey. Through the epilogue album, we look back on our past journey and make a promise to the future.

In this epilogue album, you can meet ATEEZ, who has grown deeper and more mature through the journey while maintaining the original conceptual appearance of ATEEZ. In the past, the members have shown a wide range of concept digestibility, and this album is released in two types, the 'A version' of ATEEZ's strong style and the 'Z version' with upgraded restraint, showing the culmination of the concept of the TREASURE series. Is expected.

-CD, PHOTO BOOKLET (100p): different images for each version
-STICKER: Insert 1 type per version
-POST CARD: Insert 1 set per version (8 types)
-PHOTO CARD: Randomly insert 1 type out of 8 types by version (total 16 types)
-TREASURE CARD: Insert 1 type per version
-TREASURE FILM: Insert 1 type per version