ATEEZ - 3rd Mini Album [TREASURE EP.3 : One To All]

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Release date 2019-06-11
Dispatching Period 15-20days
The sales volume is applied 100% in the chart on Hanteo, Gaon, and Music Bank K.
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Next-generation global performance idol, ATEEZ
-The third act of the REASURE series. 3rd mini album [TREASURE EP.3 : One To All] released!
'WAVE', 'ILLUSION' double title song, a different concept transformation! 
Boy group ATEEZ is making a comeback with their 3rd mini album [TREASURE EP.3 : One To All].
This is a comeback after 3 months since the end of the promotions for the second mini album [TREASURE EP.2 : Zero To One] in January. ATEEZ, who debuted 8 months ago, showed high-quality performances and stage manners that were not like a rookie. 
At once, it attracted many people's attention, and in particular, it fascinated fans with ATEEZ's unique conceptual visuals and music.
Recently, ATEEZ toured 5 cities in the Americas, including LA and New York, and 10 European countries, including London and Paris, and met with fans from various countries. 
Seats for all performances were sold out, proving the status of the next-generation global performance idol.
ATEEZ is continuing its extraordinary steps with a terrifying momentum. Attention is focused on the news of their comeback, who have come back with a more mature image.
[One To All]
Through the last TREASURE series, the members became one under the name of ATEEZ, and they leave to find their own 'TREASURE' that may exist somewhere. And now we are each other's everything, 
This journey, one step closer to 'TREASURE', became everything for the members. Although ATEEZ has shown rough and rough adventures so far, the members are still innocent boys who are curious about the world. 
It's an adventure where you can't know what's ahead, but because 8 people win together, the members are just happy and excited.
In this album, you can meet the bright and positive energy of the eight boys and the new concept of ATEEZ. This can be felt in the changed appearance of the members, and it is melted throughout the album, including visuals, jackets, and music videos. River
Seeing the boyish beauty hidden behind the fierceness, perhaps resembling that of ATEEZ in reality, makes you want to accompany them on any adventure.
[Introduction of title song]
[TREASURE EP.3 : One To All] has the same overall context as the previous series, but contains a different sensibility. In particular, this album is a double title song, and you can meet ATEEZ with two concepts in the same summer. 
This contains ATEEZ's desire to approach fans in various ways.
The first title song 'ILLUSION' is a hip-hop rhythm song depicting ATEEZ singing a fantastic experience on an unknown island. The arrangement of naughty piano and brass hits on the witty hip-hop rhythm is that
It's like looking at a playground where the fantasy world they've seen is freely released. Wacky and witty lyrics add to the joy of the song, and trendy choreography harmonizes with ATEEZ's unique perfect party tune. 
You can see the kitsch and boyish side of ATEEZ, which you have never seen before.
The second title song 'WAVE' is a mash-up of the Mumbahton genre and country guitar, which have been maintained as one of the world's trendiest genres for a long time. A lyrical guitar resounds, and the members are no longer in an unknown world, but now 
invites us to the sea They are shouting to enjoy this moment and adventure as if it is not a big deal because they are with each other, although a huge wave that suddenly blocks them is both heavy and scary. Become one in front of the rough waves and become stronger 
You can meet 8 boys.
Like the previous TREASURE series, this album also participated in the overall production of the talented singer-songwriter EDEN, and the producing team EDE-NERY consisting of composers BUDDY, LEEZ, and Ollounder, and ATEEZ's own 
Of course, the musical color has been enhanced.
It is an EDM genre song that contains the ideal of ATEEZ, who runs infinitely toward the utopia seen in a dream. The drop in the chorus that is about to explode breaks the reality trapped in prejudice and gives you the feeling that you have reached a utopia. 
The ending of the dramatic narrative leaves a deep impression.
The first title song 'ILLUSION' is a hip-hop rhythm song depicting ATEEZ singing a fantastic experience on an unknown island. The quirky and witty lyrics add to the joy of the song, and the trendy choreography harmonizes with it. 
A perfect party tune unique to ATEEZ has been completed. You can meet ATEEZ, who is kitsch and full of boyish beauty.
3. Crescent
"Open your eyes" I wake up to a voice coming from somewhere. Synesthetic narration and INST suggest another chapter, reminiscent of a scene in a movie.
The second title song 'WAVE' is a mash-up of the Mumbahton genre and country guitar, which have been maintained as one of the world's trendiest genres for a long time. Let's enjoy this moment and adventure as if all the waves crashing in front of us on our current journey are nothing. 
contains a message. In particular, the energetic chorus that seems to shout a slogan reminds us of the members who have nothing to fear in the face of rough waves.
ATEEZ spends many nights on a dreamlike journey. AURORA greeted during those countless nights. All the members feel the same emotions while watching the long-awaited AURORA, which they couldn't see alone. The darker it gets, the brighter the AURORA. 
It lights up the dark night of ATEEZ and makes the night look for new hope for the members.
AURORA, which is more meaningful as leader Hongjoong Kim participated in writing and composing, is a song that develops into a lyrical guitar riff and leads to a dynamic drop unique to ATEEZ. 
Watching the AURORA we met together in a dreamlike journey, the members expressed their feelings.
6. Dancing Like Butterfly Wings
This is the song that concludes the third journey, and it is a rock-style medium-tempo song that contains the aspiration that we hope that even if our wings are as small as a butterfly, this will become a big wind and we can finally reach our dreams. as if touching the heart 
The snare and dist guitar sounds are impressive, and the shouting in the chorus makes the listener's heart pound.

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