OST - At a Distance, Spring Is Green

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KBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Blue Spring from afar” Original Sound Track Released!

From the main character of ‘Yeojun’ Park Ji-hoon to Punch, Rossi, Han Seung-yoon, and Chancellor, a gorgeous singing lineup, 

Completed the masterpiece OST with a total of 15 songs including the score track!

“Blue Spring when viewed from a distance” is a drama that tells the story of their youth when viewed from a distance and other youth when viewed up close. was given as a gift and received much love. The OST full track is released to appease the disappointment of the ending.

Starting with Punch's 'Spring Bom Bom', which goes well with the exciting campus story, Park Ji-hoon's 'Just Talk', which captures 'Yeo-Jun''s fresh love feelings, and 'Rothy' & 'Rothy', which expresses the anxious feelings of 'Yeo-Jun' and 'So-Bin' Han Seung-yoon's 'Boom', Husky's 'Then & Now' expressing the affection of the two main characters who overcame each other's wounds, and finally Chancellor's 'WAY', which is dedicated to all young people living in this difficult time, including the three main characters, are released. A total of 15 tracks, including all songs and 10 score tracks, are included.

The album to be released along with the release of this combined sound source is expected to contain various still cuts, and it is expected to be a great gift to comfort the hearts of fans who have cried and laughed along with the drama. 

*Album Specifications

- 1CD

- Booklet: 32P