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ASTRO's 2nd album [All Yours], an album like a gift to Aroha! \n \nAstro returned to his 2nd regular album [All Yours] after 2 years and 3 months.?The 2nd regular album [All Yours] is the second'All' series following the regular 1st album [All Light], and contains the meaning that everything in ASTRO belongs to Aroha. \n \nAstro's generous sincerity is contained in this regular album, which fans have been waiting for.?This album, which is filled with a total of 10 songs in a variety of genres, including the title song ``ONE,'' stimulates curiosity by including various self-composed songs by members MJ, Jinjin, and Raki.? \n \nIt would be good to look forward to seeing how Astro, which celebrated its 5th anniversary this year, will show off a different charm from the past through this album, interpreted by the colors of the members who have matured as well as the expanded musical spectrum. \n \n01.Dear my universe \n \n[Lyrics: Woosang Park, Rap Making: Jinjin, Raki / Composition: Woosang Park, SKINNER BOX / Arranged: Woosang Park, SKINNER BOX] \n \nIt is a medium-tempo pop song that contains ASTRO's message that I want to convey to the fans.?The melody composed of an attractive synth sound and drums highlights the members' beauty, allowing you to feel the vocals of ASTRO, which has become more mature. \n \n02. Butterfly Effect? \n \n[Lyrics: Yubin Hwang, Rap Making: Jinjin / Composition: $UN, ROYAL DIVE / Arrangement: ROYAL DIVE] \n \nIt is a pop dance song with a future sound based on a Groovy beat and synth.?Astro's flapping wings, flying toward the dream and the future, are expressed in figurative lyrics. \n \n03. ONE? \n \n[Lyrics: Ellie Suh(153/Joombas), Lee Jaeni(153/Joombas), Val Del Prete(153/Joombas), JJ Evans, Rap Making: Jinjin, Raki / Composition: Val Del Prete(153/Joombas), JJ Evans , Willie Weeks / Arranged: Willie Weeks] \n \nIt is an electronic dance song that combines powerful electronic sound with traps and R&B genres, and talented overseas composers who are actively working on songs by K-pop artists participated to enhance the completeness of the song.?Like the starlight, the lyrics contain the message that we will be one with an important person and be together forever in the brightest moment.?The energetic and intense color is added to the refreshing mood music that Astro has been pursuing so far, giving it another charm. \n \n04.Someone Else \n \n[Lyrics: PENOMECO, DAMIAN (Damian) / Music: Flow Blow, Louise Frick Sveen, Albin Nordqvist / Arrangement: Flow Blow] \n \nIt is a song that created a new synergy with the combination of the three members MJ, Jinjin, and Moonbin.?From the beginning, it adds the fun of the song with a soft acoustic sound that combines an ear-catching hip-hop sound and an intense future bass. \n \n05. SNS \n \n[Lyrics: ROYAL DIVE, JOMALXNE, iHwak, Rap Making: Raki / Composition: ROYAL DIVE, JOMALXNE, iHwak / Arrangement: ROYAL DIVE] \n \nIt is another unit song with a new composition in which Cha Eun-woo, Raki, and Yoon San-ha participated. It is an attractive R&B song with a minimalist sound and a catchy melody.?The romantic voices of the three members stand out, and the lyrics convey the appearance of dating and chatting with a loved one in a busy daily life. \n \n06.All Good? \n \n[Lyrics: Jinjin Jin, Chan Kim (Flying Lab), Flying Lab, Seojin Ju (Flying Lab), Sam Carter, Rap Making: Jinjin, Raki / Composition: Jinjin, Sam Carter, Nomasgood / Arrangement: Nomasgood] \n \nThis song stands out with a cheerful whistle sound and a pop-style dance rhythm.?ASTRO's leader Jinjin participated in the composition and production, further enhancing the charm of ASTRO.?The emotional and refreshing vocals of the members announce the coming spring. \n \n07.All Stars \n \n[Lyrics: Eunbit Hwang (Flying Lab), Imhyeon Hwa (Flying Lab), ZUPITER (Flying Lab), Yejin Oh (Flying Lab), Chaeyeon Jung (Flying Lab), Rap Making: Jinjin, Raki / Composition: THE PROOF, Harold Philippon / Arrangement: THE PROOF] \n \nIt is an attractive dance song with bright and exciting guitar riffs and beats.?The lyrics contain a hopeful message to many young people who are going through difficult times. \n \n08. Our spring \n \n[Lyrics: Raki, Obros, Nomasgood, Rap Making: Jinjin, Raki / Composition: Raki, OBROS, Nomasgood / Arrangement: OBROS, Nomasgood, Raki] \n \nIt is a future bass song that combines warm guitar sound and vocals to feel the warmth of spring.?Just like spring, a season that feels fluttering and happy, but short, it contains the story of the season of two people who are worried that spring with their beloved lover will eventually become the same.?ASTRO member Raki lyrically expressed ASTRO's own color by directly producing from the song concept to lyrics. \n \n09. Stardust \n \n[Lyrics: Rick Bridges(X&), Kigen(X&), Rap Making: Jinjin, Rocky / Composition: Kigen(X&), Rick Bridges(X&) / Arrangement: Kigen(X&), Rick Bridges(X&)] \n \nIt is a ballad song with a mellow melody filled only with calm piano, warm strings, and vocals.?The lyrics about getting hope and rest from someone who became a warm light to me wandering in the distant darkness add emotion.?The moment when hope and loneliness intersect only with the voices of ASTRO members. \n \n10. Star Rain (gemini) \n \n[Lyrics: MJ, Park Sangmin, SAMIN, Rap Making: Jinjin, Raki / Composition: MJ, Park Sangmin, SAMIN / Arrangement: SAMIN, Park Sangmin, MJ] \n \n?Astro and Aroha.?The'star rain' that always illuminates each other's place with warm starlight? \n \nAstro member MJ directly participated in the lyrics, composition, and arrangement, adding a sense of hope with a growing instrument composition, build-up through chorus, and a precursor to the chorus part.?Like twins (constellations) that illuminate each other, this song is presented by MJ with gratitude to Aroha who always keeps the same spot and waits for them. \n \n*Album specifications \n \n-Package Cover: 1 type / 165mm x 215mm x 29mm (Images vary by version) \n \n-Photobook: 1 type / 104p /150mm x 210mm x 8mm (images vary by version) \n \n-Digipak Cover: 1 type / 150mm x 210mm x 6mm (images vary by version) \n \n-CD: 1 type (images differ by version) \n \n-Accordion Postcard: Insert 1 type / 6p / 100mm x 150mm (Images vary by version) \n \n-Message Card: Random insertion of 1 out of 6 types / 55mm x 85mm (images differ by version) \n \n-Photocard: 2 types of 12 types randomly inserted / 55mm x 85mm (images differ by version) \n \n-Folded Poster: Insert 1 type / 420mm x 300mm (Images differ by version) \n \n-Poster (Pre-Order Only): 1 gift / 525mm x 770mm (images differ by version) \n \n(Poster will be paid according to the initial quantity, but it may not be 1:1 depending on the situation.)