2PM - 7th Full Album [MUST]

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Release date  2019-02-27
Dispatching Period 15-20days
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2PM's 7th full-length album 'MUST', released on Monday, June 28th!

- "The return of the K-pop legend group" 2PM, full comeback expectations are high!

- 2PM's long-awaited 2021! “I will show many sides to repay the long-awaited fans for their great support.”

 2PM is drawing attention in the music industry by foretelling a comeback with a full group on June 28th with their 7th full-length album 'MUST'. It is more meaningful than ever since it is a comeback with a full group in about 5 years since the 6th regular album 'GENTLEMEN'S GAME' released in 2016.

 Last year, the group's unique music video and fancam video lit up with a lively atmosphere, and the title song 'My House', the title song of their 5th regular album released in 2015, caused a craze for their comeback as a whole. reached The attention of Chomi is focused on the return of the 'K-pop legend group' who returned from military duty. 


1. Package box: 2 types

2. Photobook: 2 types

3. CD-R : 2 types

4. Photocard: 2 random out of 45

 1) Personal Selfie Photo Card: 1 random out of 30

 2) Unit photo photo card: 1 random out of 15

5. Mini double-sided poster: 1 type (included)

6. TMI Paper: 1 type 

7. Challenge Card: 1 out of 2 random

  SIZE: 160 x 220 x 27.5 mm