18 Again OST [2CD]

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JTBC Monday-Tuesday drama '18 Again'
releases OST special album with luxury lineup from Soyu, Solji, Sohyang to Yoon Sang-hyun

Starring Kim Ha-neul, Yoon Sang-hyun, and Lee Do-hyun, the JTBC Monday-Tuesday drama '18 Again' (directed by) depicts the story of her husband who returned to Leeds 18 years ago just before the divorce, depicting the second romance of his life and the family love that blooms in it. A special OST album by Ha Byeong-hoon, written by Kim Do-yeon, Ahn Eun-bin, Choi Lee-ryun, produced by JTBC Studio) will be released.

In this album, starting with Part.1 Soyou's 'One Needs', which showed perfect breathing with the drama from the pre-airing teaser, and steadily added a sad sensibility, Part. Hello', part.3 Choi Nak-tae's 'If it were you' with Ye Ji-hoon (Wi Ha-jun)'s theme song in the play, Part. 4 Solji's 'One Person' was included.

In addition, Part.5 Sondia 'How To Love' suitable for the fresh teen romance between Ji-ho (Choi Bo-min) and Sia (No Jeong-eui) in the play, and Part. 'Memories become memories', Part.7 Clara C 'Somebody', which was frequently inserted into the epilogue that made viewers cry, and 'Somebody', which was sung by Yoon Sang-hyun himself in Episode 10, Part.8 Yoon Sang-hyun 'Love Again' A total of 42 songs are included, including tracks that have been loved by viewers up to 'First Time', Part.

The OST of '18 Again' is in the hearts of viewers under the direction of music director Moon Seong-nam, who has been greatly loved by working on music tracks for numerous hit dramas such as 'Pasta', 'Because this is my first life', and 'What's wrong with Secretary Kim'. It is filled with high-quality masterpieces that leave a big resonance.

'18 Again' was loved by bringing laughter, excitement, tears and emotion to the small screen. The OST special album with the luxury lineup that doubled the emotion is expected to leave a deep resonance and lingering impression on viewers once again.

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